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    Fortnite Rank Divisions of Arena – List of Divisions in Arena

    Even though there are a lot of competitive game modes in Fortnite, fans like Arena the most. The arena is different from pubs because it is where some of the best players in the game go to compete. Players start at the bottom of the ladder and can move up if they keep doing well in games.

    A player’s Arena rank is the best way to show how good they are. There are several divisions in the competitive game mode, and players can move up in rank by getting Hype points. Players with the highest rankings can also take part in official tournaments with cash prizes. Given how much is at stake, Epic Games has made sure that moving up in the Arena ranks won’t be easy.

    Fortnite Rank Divisions of Arena - List of Divisions in Arena

    Checking a player’s Fortnite Arena rank is a good way to find out how good they are. Players are put into three main groups based on their Hype points and division. These groups are called:

    • Open League
    • Contender League
    • Champion League

    In Competitive mode, here’s how the Fortnite Arena ranks.

    In update v8.20, Epic Games added the Arena game mode to Battle Royale. This changed the game for good. With Arena, players can get more serious about the game. A lot of people keep playing the game because it is hard and because it is fun to keep climbing higher.

    There are 10 divisions in each of the three main leagues. One’s place in these divisions depends on how many Hype Points they earn during an Arena season.

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    Here is how the Arena is split up in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 based on Hype Points.

    Open League (0-1,999)

    • Open League I: 0-399
    • Open League II: 400-799
    • Open League III: 800-1,199
    • Open League IV: 1,200-1,999
    In Competitive mode, here's how the Fortnite Arena ranks.

    League of Contenders (2,000-7,499)

    • Contender League I: 2,000-2,999
    • Contender League II: 3,000-4,999
    • Contender League III: 5,000-7,499
    League of Contenders (2,000-7,499)

    League of Champions (7,500-15,000)

    • Champion League I: 7,500 to 9,999
    • Champion League II: 10,000 to 14,999
    • Champion League III: 15,000 or more
    League of Champions (7,500-15,000)

    The Open League has easier lobby battles, and players can place much higher. In the Open League, there is no bus fare, so players don’t lose points even if they do badly. The Contender League is harder because there are more sweaty players, and if you don’t do well, you can lose Hype Points because of Bus Fare.

    In Fortnite Arena mode, the Champion League is the highest league, and only the best players make it to the top three divisions. Players in the Champion League can also play in tournaments with cash prizes that are only open to them.

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    When will this season of the Fortnite Arena end?

    Every once in a while, the Arena’s Hype Points start over. The length of a season is like the length of a Hype Points cycle. So, Chapter 3 Season 3 points will start over when the current season is over. According to the Battle Pass menu, the current season will come to an end on Oct. 2, 2022.

    Players have 68 days to reach as high as they can on the Fortnite Arena leaderboard. To do this, you would have to get as many Victory Royales as possible. The Arena mode is unlike pubs, and players will need to apply different strategies to climb through the ranks.

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