Fortnite ‘The Band’ emotive concept becomes a player’s favorite right away

    The Fortnite community has come up with a concept emote. It’s called “The Band,” an idea for an emote multiple players can do together, like the already popular “Shanty” for a Squad.

    Emotes are the second most wanted thing in Fortnite, right behind outfits. The game has a huge repository with many of them, from the ones that come with it to the Icon series. Over the years, players have collected a lot of emotes, which they now use to show that they are the originals.

    Fortnite 'The Band' emotive concept becomes a player's favorite right away

    Fortnite has added many things that users have asked for over the years, and it continues to do so. The community suggested many of the game’s most popular features and outfits. Epic Games is very good at keeping a good relationship with its players.

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    Fortnite is moving quickly to add synchronized emotes for multiple users.

    On Fortnite’s subreddit, someone recently posted an idea for an emote. The idea is about a group called the Band that moves together. If more than one player has the same emote. They can play different instruments to the tune of a certain piece of music, like the game’s theme while emoting.

    The Acapella-like idea has taken the community by storm, and players are happy to see something fresh and new. What they like most is being able to play a different instrument and take on a specific but unique role. Even though the game has a lot of emotes that look the same, they only work together to make a stereo effect.

    Players are so excited about the idea that they have avoided the harsh scrutiny and are instead talking about a fair price. They have started a bidding war and are explaining why, if the emote comes to life, it should be sold at a certain price.

    One thing that comes out of this is that the community has concluded that making the emote will take time and money, which will greatly affect the price. Players have even suggested adding new instruments and letting them choose which songs or themes to play.

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    Jug Band Emote

    The idea comes simultaneously that information about the Jug Band emote is getting out. The next will be exactly what the user asked for, but it will play Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” instead. Fans wonder if the user who came up with the idea is psychic because of this coincidence. The Jug Band will be in the item shop soon, but the price hasn’t been announced yet.

    The Jug Band emotes another hint that Lady Gaga will be the main act at an upcoming concert. Her songs have been played a lot in Fortnite lately. Icon Radio will play her songs along with those of other artists starting on September 8. Now, the Poker Face emote seems to say the same thing.

    When it comes to user suggestions, Fortnite is a lot of fun. The game’s creators recently held a contest where players could share their ideas for outfits for the upcoming Fortnitemares 2022. Two of these were chosen and will be used in the game during the event.

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