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    Fortnite Wolves – Where to find it in Fortnite Chapter 4

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    In Chapter 2, Season 6, wolves were added to Fortnite as wild animals that players could kill to get their bones and meat for crafting or eating. Even though they could be tamed, there wasn’t much to gain from it.

    Fortnite Wolves - Where to find it in Fortnite Chapter 4

    But that has changed now that riding mechanics are a part of Chapter 3, Season 3. Players can now ride boars and wolves into battle while shooting their weapons at the same time. This has led to a new way of fighting and has helped “hit-and-run” tactics change significantly.

    Epic Games wants players to tame two wolves in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 because this mechanic/feature has been so popular, even though no one knows why players who finish the task will get 16,000 XP.

    So, here’s where to find wolves in the game and how to tame them.

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    Where to find wolves in Chapter 4 of Season 1 of Fortnite

    Even though the island is smaller than its predecessors, finding wolves is not as easy as one might think. Since they appear in random places, there is no set place to find them. Keeping your eyes and ears open in-game is the best way to find wolves.

    You can usually find them in grass and autumn/medieval biomes (look in wooded or forest areas). Since they spawn in and around the ice/snow biome, it won’t be easy to find them because of how the land is set up.

    Also, since the landscape is white, opponents with skins that are good at hiding them may be able to set up an ambush and get the upper hand in a fight if they use them.

    How to Tame a Wolf in Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4

    In Fortnite, there are two ways to tame wolves: “jumping” and using bait. The fastest way is to jump, but you must be quick about it. When a wolf charges at a player, they have to jump and land on top of the animal. This will start the “taming” process, and the wolf will be tamed immediately.

    Keep in mind that this method is quick but has risks. If a player doesn’t jump at the right time, the wolf will hurt them. Overshield will take the first hit and keep the player from getting hurt.

    But if Overshield is recharging, players’ shields or health will take damage depending on how many points they have in each.

    The second way is to use meat as bait to keep the wolf in one place. Now that the animal is focused on eating meat, players can efficiently time their jump and hop on its back in one try. So, the best thing to do is jump on the wolf as soon as it goes for the bait.

    How to tame a wolf in Fortnite Season 1, Chapter 4

    Players can work together with their friends to make it easier to find wolves and make this challenge more fun. With more players, this challenge will be easier to do.

    Every player can find and tame a wolf. After that, they can switch wolves and train the other to finish the challenge. This will save time because players can go off independently to look for wolves. There is a chance that opponents will shoot at you, but that shouldn’t be too hard to get past.

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