Freddie Gibbs making headlines after his ex-girlfriend, Destini Creams posted a private photo of him on Twitter. The leaked photo of Freddie Gibbs went viral sparking hilarious memes on Platform X (Twitter).

    Freddie Gibbs has responded to an ex-girlfriend leaking a private picture of the rapper.Gibbs’ former partner, porn star Destini Creams, posted a picture on X on Wednesday (February 14) allegedly showing Gibbs bending over and spreading his cheeks.


    She captioned the post: “spredding love, happy Valentine’s Day.”The rapper appeared to laugh it off as he posted a snippet of the Geto Boys song “Quickie” where Scarface raps: “She wants to lick my b0oty, I guess I better let her/ Once I came I didn’t want the b**ch to kiss me/ Thought I wanted a long one but I only wanted a quickie.”

    His tweet was accompanied by a flyer promoting his newly-announced stand-up comedy set as part of the Netflix Is A Joke Festival.


    Tickets for the show, which takes place on May 3 at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, are available here.

    Destini had previously teased having a picture of Freddie Gibbs in a compromising position, writing on X in May 2023: “Blocking me on twitter while i have a picture of you spreading your as***le in my phone is insane … imma spare them that one though.”Creams’ post comes shortly after Gibbs went public with his new girlfriend, OnlyFans model Jasmine Grenaway.

    Grenaway posted a video on Instagram of the two of them kissing and wrote: “Happy Valentine’s Day @freddiegibbs I’m in love with you unconditionally. Thank you for existing. You are my soulmate.”

    Last year, Destini Creams, who also goes by “The Fit Mami,” accused Freddie Gibbs of ghosting her after she became pregnant.

    “Freddie and i met in 2020 when he slid into my DMs on instagram. and for the record, he always knew i did porn and was very supportive,” she wrote. “After we made it official blogs started posting about us, we didn’t care we were just having fun.

    “Shortly after that it was time to go to europe. we went, we enjoyed it, everything was great…we would always talk about having a baby. none of it was one sided.”