Turkey is set to ban the sale of face masks. They will now be given free at supermarkets or distributed directly to homes.
Turk President Tayyip Erdogan put ban on the sale of Face masks.

GOOD NEWS ALERT: Turkey has banned the sale of face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic. It will provide them for free instead.

Turkey is set to ban the sale of face masks amid Coronavirus pandemic. They will now be given free at supermarkets or distributed directly to homes.

In his televised speech, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that a ban has been imposed on the sale of medical masks with the government subsidising the cost and distributing them for free to every Turk citizen.

“The masks distributed in grocery stores are free of charge,” he said. “We have enough stocks and production planned for our citizens until the pandemic ends. We are determined to deliver free masks to our citizens.”

The decision of Turk President Tayyip Erdogan regarding the distribution of free masks in Turkey, is being praised around the world and people are demanding a similar step from their own governments.

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A Twitter user Mugomo Murozvi from Zimbabwe praised the step of Erdogan of free masks in Turkey and wrote

Just like what’s happening in Turkey, I urge the Zimbabwe government to ban the sale of hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves and make them available for free from all essential services providers operating during lockdown. This will go a long way in dealing with this pandemic.

An other Twitter user Hilal Kaplan Wrote on Twitter, her Tweet Reads:

“French minister asks citizens to bring their masks to hospitals. Trump suggests using scarves. Meanwhile, Erdogan declares that sale of masks is banned, all masks are free & delivered to citizens’ homes. Occupational schools in Turkey produce 8 million masks per month.”
Hilal Kaplan

Meanwhile, Turkish health minister Fahrettin Koca said “Our daily test count will reach 30,000 soon. The rate of increase in the number of our recovering patients continues. The increase in the number of cases is low compared to the increasing number of tests. The virus draws its power from the contact medium. Let’s not give this opportunity to the virus. Let’s stay at home.”

He wrote on Twitter that 3,148 people had tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases to 30,217.

The government was also able to increase the number of daily tests and checked 21,400 citizens, the minister said, with some 284 people also discharged from hospitals.

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