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    Funky Town G0re Video – Funky town kernel Cartel &xecution video

    Recently, another cartel gore video is getting viral on social media platforms. Funky town Gore is a video leaked on Reddit and set the internet on fire. World cruelty is not finished yet.

    Cartel drug torture video is once again getting viral on social media platforms. Avoid this article if you have a weak stomach. I’ll start with a small introduction to the Funky town g0re video. And then explain what happens in the clip. We warn you again knowing the specifics might be left you with fear.

    Recently, another cartel gore video is getting viral on social media platforms. Funky town Gore is a video leaked on Reddit and set the internet on fire. World cruelty is not finished yet.

    The funky town cartel video is the drug cartel torture video like the Ghost rider cartel video. In a funky town group of people torture a man very severely, which takes his life, and he leaves the world in pain.

    Watch the Funky town cartel video by following the link(warning NSFW content)

    Funky Town Cartel G0re video – Explained.

    On a tiled floor, the video shows a conscious man being bound with what appears to be rope. His hands have been severed at the stumps, but the anguish is so great that he needs to be held down with the help of a couple of men in addition to the tying.

    video funky town

    His face peels away, exposing twitching muscle and bone beneath the skin. One of the men is still peeling away at the victim’s neck with a boxcutter, causing him pain but taking care not to sever any major blood vessels or arteries.

    We saw Funkytown by Lipps Inc. and other songs playing in the background in the video. The victim continues screaming in agony or gargling with his blood for several minutes.

    It’s an extreme case of someone inflicting suffering on another human being solely to prolong the victim’s life. Too much flesh has been removed. What will kill the sufferer in the end, but the victim may suffer for days, maybe even a week?

    Funkey town gore video is getting viral with the name of funky cartel video because the funky song was played in the background.

    Twitter Reactions on Funky Gore Video.

    Netizens are very unpredictable because sometimes they find this type of content horrible and weird. But sometimes they take funky cartel type of video as entertainment. Let’s explore some tweets of netizens to check their reactions to the cartel videos.

    The funky town cartel video left netizens in fear. One user tweeted.

    FunkyTown gore got me weak i instantly stopped watching it and continued watching ayme BUT THEN I STILL FUCKING REMEMBER IT OMH

    Other Reactions.

    Some netizens are eager to watch the Funky town video

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    Funky Town Video – Men Brutally Murder*d

    Three men are filmed murd*ring an unidentified man in Ukraine using a hammer and a screwdriver. Some users have commented after this incident that there appears to be no mercy in Mexico.

    According to Reddit’s description, the video begins with the face of the unnamed man covered in blood. A maniac strikes him over the head with something heavy and hard, most likely a hammer. As a result, the three of them spent a considerable amount of time with a knife slashing the man all over, especially his face and body.

    The Reddit poster was confused and unable to provide comprehensive specifics regarding the objects utilised because the video was blurry.

    Additionally, the three assailants reportedly turned to a screwdriver or knife and stabbed the victim multiple times in the stomach. Over the course of a few minutes, this continues.

    Finally, they resorted to using a hammer to smash his face. And then, towards the very end of the clip, a screwdriver was used to stab the man in the eye.

    Reportedly, the criminals were apprehended and given lengthy prison terms. One of the criminals received a nine-year sentence, while the other two received life sentences.

    This was all we know about the Funky town gore video. People are afraid because this is very horrible torture that happened once again for the cartel drugs.

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