Video: Indian media reports about Pakistan’s spy pigeon caught in Kathua village in Jammu and Kashmir along LOC.

In an hilarious way of reporting, Indian media once again screams about Pakistan’s spy pigeon.

“Indian security forces caught a pigeon suspected to be trained by Pakistan for spying from Kathua village in Jammu and Kashmir along the International Border. The pigeon was held carrying a coded message, Indian media claimed on Monday.”

They said the pigeon, carrying a “coded message”, was captured by residents of Manyari village in Hiranagar sector soon after it flew into this side from Pakistan.

India’s Security agencies concerned are working to decipher the “coded message”, the officials said.

People are making fun of Indian army on social media after hearing the reports of Pakistan’s spy pigeon.

Making fun of Indian media reports, a social media user, Gul Muhammad, wrote: “The misconception of Message transmission through a pigeon has been strengthened in India by watching the use of spy pigeons in past in Ertugrul Ghazi Drama. This drama developing new ways and new ideas.”


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