Gambling in Sweden 2023

    It just became more exciting in Sweden this 2023 as they have finally allowed legal gambling in the country. The government has come up with stricter regulations. This is to make sure gambling is as safe as possible. Thus, making gambling more accessible to the public. You can find them in local pubs, bars, and even ferries!

    Swedish Gambling 101

    According to Swedish gambling laws, several forms of gambling are considered legal as regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This government entity also safeguards the legality and safety of the games. Their aim is to have transparency and to protect the interest of the players. They are also responsible for implementing regulations to prevent illegal operations in the country.

    There are two sets of minimum legal gambling ages:

    Traditional Casinos

    To date, there are only four known physical casinos in Sweden. You can see them in Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm, and in Sundsvall. These are owned by Svenska Spel and run by the government. In fact, it covers 50% of the gambling industry. These large gaming establishments also carry all sorts of games. All from poker, and scratch cards, to online casinos. Land-based gambling became legal here in 1994. Since then, profits automatically went to the national treasury.

    Online Casinos

    Sweden legalised online gambling in 2002. Eventually, it made its way to television broadcasts. It is now common to advertise online casinos on national TV. Advertisements for slot machines, bingo, poker, and keno are among the most well-liked by viewers.

    Gambling Legislations

    As we know, Sweden is one of the most liberated countries in terms of online gambling. Nevertheless, it is serious about implementing strict regulations. These are the acts and amendments passed:

    Future of Gambling In Sweden

    Right now, the government is still hesitant in allowing any competition in the gambling industry. However, the most recent law welcomed some offshore sites. Because of this, the legislation will introduce the use of new supplier licences known as B2B licences. Hence, imposing stricter measures will keep unlicensed operators at bay. Furthermore, Sweden still has a long way to go in helping the gambling industry reach its peak.

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