Gary Busey Accident – Gary Busey’s life changed

    Gary Busey’s life was permanently altered after he narrowly escaped death in a motorcycle crash.

    The actor, then 44 years old, was riding his newly repaired Harley Davidson home from the repair shop in 1988. When he tried to avoid colliding with a bus and instead flew over the windshield, slammed his back brake, and landed on his head without a helmet.

    Gary Busey Accident - Gary Busey's life changed

    He needed immediate neurosurgery, and then he had to rest for a while. The now-75-year-old reflected on the experience and how it altered his outlook in a recent interview with The Guardian.

    I was in a motorcycle accident about 25 years ago, and I’ll never forget it. “According to what he had to say. “After falling off my bike without a helmet, hitting my head on a curb, fracturing my skull, and requiring brain surgery to repair, I died and crossed to the spiritual realm, where I received my revelations. And when I got back, the messages and explanations were like first-class mail. I’ll randomly come up with a word and scribble it down.

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    Goose Creek, Texas, is where Busey began his life. Sadie Virginia (Arnett) Busey was a homemaker, while Delmer Lloyd Busey oversaw construction plans. After finishing the third grade at Goose Creek, Busey uprooted to Tulsa. He attended Bell Junior High, then Nathan Hale High, from which he graduated.

    Gary Busey Accident - Gary Busey's life changed

    Thanks to his football scholarship, Busey attended Coffeyville Community College before transferring to Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. In that environment, he developed a passion for performing. He damaged his knee and decided to pursue his interest in theatre at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He had only one course left before he dropped out.

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    After a catastrophic motorcycle accident in 1988 left Gary Busey on the verge of death, he had an encounter with angels.

    Busey said he had died during surgery on his brain, but he had been brought back to life by spiritual direction.

    After a motorbike accident in December 1988, The Buddy Holly Story star was left in critical condition.

    Gary Busey Accident - Gary Busey's life changed

    In retrospect, Gary said, “I was in a motorcycle accident. I had a bad fall off my bike without a helmet, banged my head on a curb, cracked my skull, had brain surgery, died, and visited the spiritual realm, from where I gleaned some important knowledge.

    Everything about him had to be adjusted after what he went through.

    Gary reported being guarded by angels while in the afterlife, which appeared to him as large “balls of light floating all about.”

    Busey had an emergency procedure that took neurosurgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles two hours to complete after his car accident.

    In an interview with Larry King in 2005, Gary first discussed his encounter with angels.

    He recounted his near-death experience to King, saying, “Angels surrounded me.” And they don’t resemble the images on holiday greeting cards. They hover around like great orbs of light, radiating nothing but love and comfort.


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