GC no. 22801 Matiullah Jan was kicked out of Army

Earlier last week, a journalist Mattiuallah Jan was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified people. Later on, he was released within a few hours of his abduction. Soon after his abduction, many anti-State, anti-Army, journalists started accusing Pakistan army and military agencies of his abduction. Meanwhile, many people don’t know that Mattiuallah Jan was Kicked out of Pakistan army.

‏”باقی باتیں چھوڑیں آپ میرے بس ایک سوال کا جواب دے دیں،آپکو فوج سے کیوں نکالا گیا" وہ لمحہ جب کشمالہ طارق نے انٹرویو…

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Video: Kashmala Tariq Asks Mattiuallah Jan why he was kicked out of Pakistan Army

GC no. 22801 GC Matiullah Jan better known as Matiullah John in Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul. He is the son of Lt Col Abdur Razzaq Khan Abbasi (Rtd). Jan was inducted into PMA Kakul in 79 PMA Long Course (L/C). But he was relegated to 80 Long Course on academic grounds.

According to Sources and his course mates, Mattiuallah was caught red-handed getting his a*s stuffed and having s3x with his coursemate GC Anjum Salim. He was issued a charge sheet against him, which included his act. At many other occasions, he was locked up in the room with GC Anjum in spare time.

GC no. 22801 GC Matiullah Jan was disgracefully drummed out of PMA. Allegedly his father Lt Col (r) Abdul Razzaq was also court-martialed from Pakistan Army on murder charges.

This Matiullah John (GC No 22801) is now the undisputed biological father of many surkhas, leftists and liberals in Pakistan. With BBC, Geo News, and Facebook pages like Naya Daur, Ali Moin Nawazish, Propoganda trying to whitewash his name.

He holds a grudge against the army till this date and has never had the guts to tell the public why he was drummed out from PMA. But he continues to slander the army, the latest episode being his fake kidnapping to avoid the courts.

Video of Mattiuallah Jan telling what happened with him during his abduction

Knowing this fact about Mattiuallah Jan, Former MNA Kashmala Tariq has asked him regarding his past in PMA Kakul.

As he was called at Pakistan’s Supreme Court in response to a summons for allegedly “using derogatory/contemptuous language and maligning the institution of judiciary” on Twitter, according to a court notice.

Currently, former GC no. 22801 Mattiullah Jan hosts a YouTube political commentary channel, MJtv, where he has about 67,000 followers. He formerly hosted an investigative talk show on local broadcaster Waqt TV, according to those news reports. In 2018, Jan was among the journalists the army accused of sharing anti-state remarks on social media.

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