GC university Sahiwal campus leaked video scandal

GC university Sahiwal campus leaked video scandal emerged on social media after a student leaked the video of mistreatment by the principal of University Campus, Sahiwal, alleging him of mistreatment with female students in the returns of higher marks in examinations. Watch GC university, Sahiwal campus, leaked video, below.

Video: GC University, Sahiwal campus leaked video scandal part 1

“Female students living in the hostel are being misused. I have been used and threatened to fail if I speaksout, a female student of GC University, Sahiwal Campus revealed Senior Professors including the Principal of the Sahiwal campus are involved in the filthy practices.

GC university leaked videos show two girls (Victim),covering their faces in veils, claiming as the students from GC university, Sahiwal campus, making allegations of abuse against the principal of the campus and others in the management.

In the videos, One of the student reveals that a group of University’s management consist of principal Faraz Hanif, Younis Khokhar from Kamsari, security officer Mohammad Sirmad, and Assistant director Mohammad Arif are forcing female students to present themselves before Chaudhry Sohail Tariq.

The video further shows the student accusing Faraz Hanif of raping her and blackmailing her by threatening to fail her in the examination in case she speaks out.

Video: GC university video scandal, part 2

“I paid Rs 100,000 as the bribe to get passed in the examination, the female student added.”

In another video (which is also the part of GC university video scandal) another student has made similar accusations against above mentioned individuals. She said that she has sent an application to chairman NAB, vice chancellor and to the chief minister for help but nobody took any action over the matter.

For more details of GC university video scandal, watch the video, below.

video: Details of GC university leaked video scandal

Responding to the accusations made by female students of GC university, Sahiwal campus, the university management denied all the account and said they are going to take legal action against these students for defaming the name of the campus and individuals.

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