German Media Shows Narendra Modi as Son Of Hitler

A German News channel shows the poster of Narendra Modi with Hitler and calls Modi Son of Hitler.
Image: Twitter

German TV Channel shows a poster with Modi and Hitler together. Modi has been destroying his own international reputation thanks to his nonsense decisions. A German news channel ‘NTV’ shown Narendra Modi as the son of Hitler because of his recent actions against Muslims and other minorities in Kashmir and the rest of India.


After revoking article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Narendra Modi created the worst humanitarian crisis in the valley. Following the RSS ideology, Modi took another step towards racism in the shape of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), discriminating Muslims from Hindus.

Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan was already warning the world by saying “World Should stop Indian Hitler, or he will become the reason for deaths of millions in the region. Watch in the video below, Imran Khan calling Modi ‘A new face of the title’.

Video: Imran Khan calling Modi ‘Hitler’.

During the Hitler Era, A student named Sophie Scholl was sentenced to death because she Protested against the NAZI government.

In Modi Era, A student named Jacob Lindenthal who protested against the Bigoted CAA was asked to Leave India and is finally deported.

Hence Proved ‘Modi is a modern Form of Adolf Hitler ‘.