Ghazwa e Hind explained by Zahid Hamid


Whenever things get escalation between India and Pakistan, we hear the echo of Ghazwa e Hind ( The battle of India ). Ghazwa e Hind is a typical Prophecy mentioned in some Hadiths predicting a final battle in India, between the Muslims and non-believers. According to Muslim’s belief, this will be the final battle in which Muslims will conquer whole India (Subcontinent) and they will move towards Syria.

Many common people are confused that is this battle going to Happen in the current time, or it has happened already in the Past. Some refer to the wars, Muslim Generals from Arab and Afghanistan invaded on subcontinent resulting the Muslim rule for 700 years. But others debate that this is still to Happen and Pakistan army will be that holy force who will invade India and conquer it. The believers who believe that this battle is yet to fight, Share this picture on social media during the tens times between India and Pakistan.

Ghazwa e Hind explained by Zaid Zaman Hamid

Since a couple of weeks, The name Ghazwa e Hind is circulating on social media massively. People are making trends with this name and starring it a lot. The reason is simple, India is once again trying to Express Kashmiri people and their struggle for freedom. Last month, India Revoked Article 35A and Article 370 and valley of Jammu and Kashmir are under curfew since then. Pakistan is a major stakeholder in the Kashmir Issue and so the People of Pakistan. Because of the reasons Above, People are talking to Free Kashmir by word and talk of Ghazwa e Hind is on.

I am not a scholar to explain the Hadiths and analyse them because of my limited knowledge on the topic. But Zaid Hamid, who is a strong believer of upcoming Ghazwa e Hind and a social media activist explains it with the references of Hadiths and other Islamic sources. Watch the video below to see complete analysis.