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    Ghost Rider Cartel 3xcution Video – Ghost Rider Cartel G0re video

    • Ghost rider cartel 3xecution video
    • A video of a man’s face brnt alive with the name “Ghost Rider Cartel Gore video” is getting viral on social media platforms.
    • An incident occurs in Mexico a group of people burn the face of a person for using cartel Mexican drugs and showed no mercy to him.

    The Ghost rider first gets viral with the name “Ghost rider no mercy video” on Twitter. Now, it is against taking place on social media with the name of the “Ghost rider cartel execution video“. Netizens are searching for the video curiously. But you know what some of them are finding this video disrupting and hating the video. But some of the netizens find it interesting and thrilling.

    Ghost Rider Cartel Execution Video - Ghost Rider Cartel Gore video

    Netizens are confused that what is the reason behind this face burnt and shared a video. The questions arise in the mind what is the “ghost rider cartel execution video”? Actually, there is not much background anyone knows about the video but don’t worry we will tell you each and everything we know about the ghost rider cartel execution video.

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    Ghost Rider Cartel Excution Video – Explained

    Recently, a video that was deleted before now taking place on social media platforms again with the name of Ghost Rider cartel video. In this video. We saw that there are mop of people who were torturing a person and burnt his face alive for the famous Mexican drug “cartel”.

    A person was asking for mercy and the Mexican was totally people with no heart and they continue torturing him with a burnt face. We don’t know about the person. But according to the sources he was caught with cartel drugs and the group burnt his face alive and upload the video on Twitter.

    Here is the video full video link(Warning NSFW content)

    Ghost Rider G0re Video – Background

    People in this world are becoming merciless and showing their tyranny to everyone. A ghost rider cartel video. A group burnt a face of a person alive because he was caught with the cartel drugs.

    The violence occurred in Mexico and people are burning the face of a person and ragging him. Pulling off his shirt and shouting at him in the Mexican language they were asking something to him. They firstly cover the face of the person with tape or paper and then put fire on it.

    People on Twitter were shown their hate for this video because it was completely violent and not merciful. A boy was executed because he was using a Mexican cartel video. But the execution was not as normal execution firstly they burnt the boy’s face. Then a group tortures him by pulling his t-shirt, and pants. Then they shoot him how someone can be that merciless.

    Twitter Reactions

    People on Twitter are different according to their interests. Some Twitter users find this video disrupted and violated but some feel excited and find the video thrilling. Twitter is always full of these types of videos like the Primark Fight video, Brisbane Stabbing video and more violent videos. Just saw how people reacted to the “Ghost rider cartel execution video”.

    One user tweeted:

    if i showed liberals cartel execution videos they would be at the border laying bricks and mortar faster than you can say “ghost rider”

    This was all about the Ghost Rider Cartel video and the video is so disrupted and annoying. This all happened just because of the cartel drugs so be aware and not use cartel drugs in Mexico if you do you can face the same consequences. If you want to be aware of more incidents like this visit our site.

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