Golden retriever puppy tantrum video is trending on social media. Puppy tantrum video getting the attention of many people on TikTok.

Golden retriever puppy tantrum video

A video has gone viral on social media showing an adorable golden retriever puppy throwing a temper tantrum. Puppy has been watched more than 2.2 million times on TikTok.

In the video, which was shared to the app by Cali golden retrievers. In the video we can see two little puppies on an artificial green lawn.

Text overlaying the video, which can be seen here, reads: “What a puppy tantrum looks like.”

One of the pups can then be seen barking into the camera as the text translates the high-pitched yaps to: “I said… I want the milk truck [its mother]… now!”

While the other puppy in the background is taking a leak, the star of the TikTok starts barking adorably at the person recording the video.


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