Google Nest Hub Max: this is Google’s new display speaker


Google introduces the Nest Hub Max, its new speaker with a built-in display and camera, at Google I/O 2019. Learn all about it.

This is a photo of Google Nest Hub Max
Image Via Social Media

The opening day of Google I/O 2019 is leaving us with a multitude of news. It was expected that there would be something new in its range of Home speakers, something that has happened. The company has introduced the Nest Hub Max, its new model with a screen. It is a continuation of the Home Hub (now renamed the Nest Hub). But it comes with a different purpose in this case.


Google Nest Hub Max arrives with the purpose of being used by the family , in common spaces in the house. Google bets again on a model with a screen, which will give many more options for use. An ambitious device, with which this range of the company grows even more.

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Nest Hub Max: Google bets on the screen

This is a photo Google Nest Hub Max
Image Via Social Media

These past weeks there were already rumors about the existence of this device. Finally, in this initial day of Google I/O 2019 we have been able to know it officially. This device is born from the union of the Google Home Max, Nest Camera, and Google Home Hub in a single device, also bringing together the best of each of these devices.

This Nest Hub Max comes with a 10-inch screen , a speaker with great sound quality. It also has a camera, which can be used in many different ways. Both facial recognition is included in it, being able to recognize the faces of all family members, as well as function as a security camera at home. Everything for a better use of this device at home. The camera of the device is 6.5 Mpx.

The ability to recognize the face of each user individually allows us to offer a personalized home page for each one. In this way, notifications or personalized calendar, or personal photos will be displayed. This is a feature called Face Match . Google has also confirmed that the device processes these images locally and they are not uploaded to the cloud. The camera on the Nest Hub Max can also be used to make Duo calls. It will be displayed at all times if the camera is on, because there is a green light that indicates it.

Nest Hub Max: Designed for the whole family

Google Nest Hub Max designed for the whole family
Google Nest Hub Max

In this presentation we wanted to emphasize the versatility of this device. It’s not just a speaker with Google Assistant . The screen and the camera are two elements that significantly increase its possibilities. Above all, it has been designed so that the whole family can use it, placing it in common areas of the house.

Next Hub Max can be used as a control center for other smart devices in the house , such as light bulbs, cameras or the thermostat. In addition, it allows access to YouTube, where you can watch your favorite videos at all times. It will also be possible to stream with this device and thus watch events or programs that are of interest to you. So it can function as a kind of small television, if desired. The whole family can enjoy this type of content.

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The way in which to control this assistant is something of great interest in this case. As before, voice commands can be used to ask to do something, or for the assistant to stop talking. Thanks to the camera that is located in this model, it is enough to raise your hand to tell it to stop . Facilitating its use for the whole family.


The Nest Hub Max costs $229.99 and became available on September 9, 2019.

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