Grave of 10-years old Gul Sama Stoned to death In Dadu district.

10-years old girl Gul Sama Stoned to death in Dadu District of Sind, in the pretext of honour killing. According to details an isolated grave was found (allegedly the grave of 10-years old Gul Sama) at Lalri Lak mountains, at Shahi Makan area at Wahi Pandhi police station of Dadu district located very close to Kheer Thar Ranges mountains at Sindh-Balochistan border, Pakistan.

Video: Details of 10-years-old girl stoned to death in Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

Pictures and the initial details of ‘Gul Sama’s killing’ were shared on social media after which, Dadu police started an investigation into the incident of Honour Killing of 10-years old Gul Sama. Police investigation revealed that Gul Sama was stoned to death by her parents and the relatives following the homicidal act “Karo-Kari“.

Social media responded to the incident with grief and anger by sharing the pictures of the grave of Gul Sama and asked the authorities to take action against this inhuman incident. However, the photo “alleged as deceased girl” doesn’t belongs to Gul Sama but it is of another girl “name Huma” who was abducted in Karachi few days back. Watch the reactions of Social media users on the killing of Gul Sama, below.

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Pictures of deceased girl ‘Gul Sama’ shared in this tweet are not of her, but belongs to another girl ‘Huma’ who was abducted in Karachi few days back.

After the Pictures of Sama Gul circulated on social media and sparked criticism, Dadu District’s Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Dr Farrukh Raza Malik sent a police team, lead by Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Pir Bux Chandio, to Karo Kot village, where the killing was reported to have taken place. Police held a man (name as Maulvi Mumtaz Leghari) who performed the girl’s funeral prayers in the village near Shahi Makan. Leghari is also implicated in the case for allegedly hiding the crime. Police authorities have also deployed cops at the girl’s grave in order to preserve and protect the evidences. Also, See a boy From Sindh Committed Suicide on Facebook Live.

A first investigation report (FIR) has been registered against six persons, Ali Nawaz, son of Shahnawaz Rind, Sami, son of Wahid Bux Rind, and four unidentified persons following the intital inquiry. During the initial inquiry, The mother Lilan Rind, father Ali Bux Rind, Molvi Mumtaz Leghari (who has led the funeral prayer) and Taj Mohammad, facilitator of the funeral cloths of the deceased Gul Sama, said that Gul Sama was stoned to death by parents on the pretext of Karo-Kari.

Talking to the media, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Farukh Raza Malik said that the girl, Gul Sama’s parents in the front of police, have denied that their daughter was killed. In a video clip available with The Express Tribune, the parents of Gul Sama can be seen telling the police that their daughter died in an accident. Telling about the parents’ statement, DSP Chandio said: Gul Sama’s father, Ali Bux Rind claims that the girl died after a part of the roof of their house fell on her head. Below is the picture of The parents of Gul Sama.

Parents of Gul Sama who was stoned to death in dadu District, Sindh.

Station Head Officer (SHO) Wahi Pandhi Police Station Ameer Brohi, who visited the place of the incident for collecting evidence, on the other hand, said, “Gul Sama’s parents claim that she was playing with other children when heavy rocks fell on her and caused her death.” SHO said: “the local mosque’s prayer leader, who offered her funeral prayer and has been detained for interrogation, also gave a similar statement”. “The parents say they have no enmity and ask why someone would kill their daughter,” said the SHO.

Additionally, DSP Chandio has revealed that though “the girl was a minor but her age has not been confirmed even by her parents, however by intial informations gathered from locals and neighbours, she aged around 10 years old” adding that the matter is being investigated.

Meanwhile, local people of Gul Sama’s village told The media that the incident occurred on November 21, and Leghari was asked to perform the minor’s funeral. Area residents said a Jirga was held before the incident, and the leader had issued a ruling to stone the girl to death.

However, DSP Chandio said that it has yet to be confirmed whether Gul Sama was stoned to death. SSP Malik said police will request the court to grant permission for exhuming the body and carrying out a postmortem.

Speaking in this regard, DSP Chandio said, “It’s a serious issue and we have to investigate the case completely,” adding that legal formalities will be completed to dig out the grave.

Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Human Rights Veerji Kolhi has said that the police have begun the investigation of the matter, and if it’s proven that the girl was stoned to death, action will be taken against the culprits.


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