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    gumball vs dream fight – Gumball voice actor VS dream online beef (video recorded by dream)

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    An insane fight is happening on Twitter / X right now involving Nicolas Cantu, the voice of Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball, and  Minecraft  YouTuber  Dream, also known as Clay or Dreamwastaken. The so-called Dream vs. Gumball fight is officially underway.

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    There is a lot of allegations and accusations flying around this developing drama, centering on Dream’s grooming allegations and claims that Cantu assaulted Dream and said racial slurs before a drunken Uber ride. The odd details of the quarrel are inspiring many to lean in, curious about why these two obtuse figures are beefing.

    So, what is going on with Dream and Gumball? Where did this squabble start and what is it about? Let’s explain.

    gumball vs dream fight leaked

    Who Is Nicolas Cantu, aka Gumball?

    Nicolas Cantu is a 20-year-old actor and voice actor most known for his role as Gumball Watterson on the Cartoon Network show The Amazing World of Gumball.

    For many members of Gen Z and even Gen Alpha, The Amazing World of Gumball is up there with other 2010s Cartoon Network classics like Adventure Time and  Regular Show. Also, Cantu has voiced characters in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe as well as in The Walking Dead universe.

    Outside of TV, Cantu is an avid meme enjoyer on Twitter, currently spreading his wings in the ironic meme landscape. His YouTube channel  TheCAN2Network is reminiscent of avant-garde comedy sketches in the same vein as Filthy Frank.

    Who Is Dream?

    Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber who is one of the most subscribed-to YouTubers in the world. He’s 24 years old and his real name is Clay.

    Dream’s fandom is a highly devoted one who has recently shown their support at his first-ever live music tour. This is because Dream makes music outside of his gaming career which has arguably gained equal success.

    While many love Dream, he is a rather polarizing figure on the internet. This is due to a history of controversies that involve him, starting with his speedrun controversy when many thought he had cheated on a world record. His haters got their biggest laugh recently, when Dream revealed his face for the first time.

    Why Are Dream And Gumball Fighting On Twitter?

    Kind of hilariously, the drama between Dream and Gumball, aka Nicolas Cantu, started when Cantu quote retweeted a Dream parody account, taking a hard hit at Dream’s reputation by spreading the rumor that he sexually targets minors.

    Cantu’s tweet went mega-viral, inspiring a formal response from Dream who alleged that he’d met Cantu once at a party where he used “racial slurs” and even “physically assaulted” him. Dream also alleged that Cantu “verbally berated” an Uber driver. Despite this, Dream also mentioned that Cantu reached out to him after the bad behavior and apologized via DMs.

    Cantu then fired shots back, saying that he “slapboxed” Dream once and beat him. In the same tweet, he called Dream “fat and a predator.” Dream then leaked the apology Cantu once sent him, using it as evidence to prove the foul nature of Gumball’s VA.

    However, it seems like Twitter is overwhelmingly siding with Gumball in this squabble, generating fan art that shows his character dunking on Dream’s avatar. Overall, the strange nature of the two characters at play in this drama is what’s keeping users entertained.

    Dream vs Gumball

    What Are Dream’s ‘Grooming’ Allegations?

    Last year, major allegations were levied against Dream following his face reveal, in which a female Twitter user claimed that Dream was messaging her flirtatiously when she was 17. The accuser leaked messages with Dream, portraying him as a so-called “groomer.”

    Although Dream has denied the accusations, the internet is not letting him go easy. The internet is predominantly not believing Dream, not seeing a reason as to why the woman would fabricate evidence. At the same time, Dream’s fanbase has mostly stayed by his side, believing his word over hers.