Haji viral video and complete story of Haji Video.
The man in the Picture who became famous as “Haji” has been arrested by Dera Ghazi Khan (D.G. KHAN) police after his intimate video (Hain Haji Leaked video) became viral.

People love to find viral trends, start trolling and enjoy the viral characters by making funny jokes and memes on social media. Another character appeared and became on social media with a title of “Hain Hain Haji Viral Video”.

The viral topic of “Haji video” started when a video of a man called “Haji” with a Saraiki woman became leaked on Social media and in WhatsApp groups. In the viral video of Haji, he was found in an intimate action with a Saraiki lady. The reason which made “Haji Video” viral was their Saraiki accent and their funny conversation with each other in Saraiki language. Watch some details of “Haji Viral Video” in the video, below.

Hain Haji Saraiki viral video/ Hain Haji ewen kresen/ Haji leaked video.

But first thing is first, everyone wants to know “who is Haji?”. Haji is a Saraiki man from Dera Ghazi Khan ( D.G. Khan). He works as a labour and spends some of his earning to seek fantasy with professional women. It seems that ‘Leaked video of Haji’ was recorded by the woman with whom he was to get pleasure. Later on, she leaked the video and Haji became famous on social media. Also, Watch Rabi Pirzada Latest Video.

The sentence of the woman ( ہیں حاجی ایویں کریسیں) in the leaked video became a joke all over social media. People came up with thousands of jokes on “Leaked video of Haji” and started posting funny memes at Facebook ans Twitter.

Leaked Video of Haji and memes on Haji viral video.
Image: Social media

Some jolly people have even written the famous sentence ‘ہیں حاجی ایویں کریسیں’ on the back screens of their cars.

While commenting on “Haji viral video” a Twitter user wrote ‘People will forget Ami G Ami G and Rabi Pirzada Video scandal’ but they won’t ever forget the ‘Haji’. Watch a funny response on the leaked video of Haji, below.

Police have Arrested the main Character of “Haji Viral Video” from DG Khan

Reports of Arrest after Saraiki Video of Haji became viral on social media.
Image: Screengrab from a WhatsApp group Sharing the news of Haji’s arrest.

The extraordinary fame by a vulgar scandal leads Haji into trouble. D.G. Khan police has arrested him from D.G. Khan following his leaked video. Iftikhar Malkani, Station head officer (S.H.O) of the civil line police station of D.G. Khan arrested Haji in a raid after identifying him by face recognition from Database.

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DG Khan police have arrested the main Character of "Haji Leaked video".

Young people at social media called it ‘a black day’ because Poor Haji was arrested but the woman in the leaked video was not found by police.

One of social media users have edited a photo of U.S. President Donald Trump and wrote: “Free the Haji, we won’t compromise on injustice”. Watch below, what people are sharing after “Haji Leaked video scandal”.

A social media user @Alehsfeemi called the conversation of leaked video as ‘Dialogues of the year’. His tweet read:

‏2019 ڈائیلاگ آف دی ائیر
اے کم ولا نہ تھیوئے
توں میڈے ڈو گڈیاں ڈیسیں
تہاکوں تہاڈے پیو دا واسطہ
ہیں حاجی ایویں کریسیں🖐

Some More Funny Dialogues from Haji Leaked video scandal

صِنفی امتیاز نامنظور
حاجی کو رہا کرو یا حَجانی کو بھی گرفتار کرو۔

معذرت نال

حاجی آ وے حاجی آ
اے کیا کریندا کھڑیں
ساڑ کئی کڈھیندا کھڑیں
آپ تاں ہلدا کھڑیں
میکوں وی ہلیندا کھڑیں

بندہ بنڑ گھاہ کھا
نہ میڈا ساہ کھا
ویڈیو بنڑیندا کھڑیں
آپ تاں ہلدا کھڑیں
میکوں وی ہلیندا کھڑیں

حاجی آ وے حاجی آ
اڑیک اے اڑیک اے
اگیں ہیٹھو ہوندی ہئی
ہنڑ اتو سٹیندا کھڑیں
آپ ای ہلدا کھڑیں
میکوں وی ہلیندا کھڑیں

حاجی آ آرام نال
اپنڑے ایمان نال
کوڑ وی الیندا کھڑیں
آپ تاں ہلدا کھڑیں
میکوں وی ہلیندا کھڑیں

حاجی آ حیا کر
کجھ مٹھی بھا کر
واسطے گھتیندا کھڑیں
آپ تاں ہلدا کھڑیں
میکوں وی ہلیندا کھڑیں

ساریں کوں ڈسینداں کھڑیں
حاجی آ حیا کر

حاجی کو فقط آگے پیچھے تیز ہلنے کی سزا دی جا رہی ہے۔

ہم سب جتنے مرضی شریف ہونے کا ناٹک کریں مگر حقیقت میں ہوتے ہم سب حاجی ہیں


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