Intimate Videos of HBL manager leaked and another series of fantasy began on social media. Social media users are seeing several screenshots and pictures of this man with different women. The pictures of this bald-headed man are getting viral on social media but most of them don’t know what is the story behind this man.

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Some suspects that “some intimate videos of this man became leaked on social media” and most of the fantasy seekers are looking for those videos eagerly as shown in the picture, below.

Ganjay ki leaked video
Image: Screengrab from Facebook.

Viral trend and flood of funny memes related to “Rabi Pirzada Video scandal” and “Fortuner ALD-789 video scandal” were still fresh. But social media users found the new trend of this “HBL Manager leaked videos” to troll and male fun. Now I will tell you the complete story “who is this bald man and why his pictures with a girl became viral on social media”.

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HBL manager leaked intimate videos became viral on social media
Image: Facebook.

According to details, on October 19, 2019, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir’s Police arrested Habib Bank (HBL) regional manager Fazal Amin (Fazal Ameen) after his intimate videos leaked and spread on social media. Fazal Amin was the Regional head of Habib bank limited Azad Kashmir. He originally belongs to Mardan But residing in Gojra, Azad Kashmir.

Video: HBL manager leaked video scandal

Azad Kashmir Police arrested HBL Manager while he was busy in intimate act with one of HBL’s female staff from RawalaKot branch. During the investigation, Police has also recovered more than ten intimate videos of him with different girls from his Mobile phone.

HBL Manager arrested from Azad Kashmir over intimate videos
Image: AJK Police

Fazal Amin is accused of forcing female employees of HBL to his bed with fake promises of promotion and permanent jobs. After driving female employees to his bed, he was secretly recording their videos and using those videos to blackmail them later on. According to Station head Police officer, Shujaat Geelani, Police found multiple complaints of blackmailing from several girls against Fazal Amin.

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Later on, intimate videos of HBL Manager leaked from his phone and became viral all over Pakistan. Social media users leave no chance of trolling and making fun of viral issues. So they came up with hundreds of jokes and memes related to leaked videos of HBL Manager.

They started posting his pictures while tagging their friends with hilarious captions in Facebook posts. While many who don’t know complete story of this man are searching for “Ganjy ki videos”. Watch the social media reaction on HBL Manager’s leaked videos, below.

HBL Manager Fazal Amin leaked intimate videos
Image: Screengrab from Facebook.

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