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    Health or shields – How to restore it while hiding in leaf piles?

    In Chapter 4 of Season 1, leaf piles have been added to the map. Like bushes, players can hide in them to attack people who don’t expect it or to avoid being attacked. Even though this style of play isn’t instrumental in the game, it can be used very well.

    Health or shields - How to restore it while hiding in a leaf pile?

    So, the game’s makers want to give players tasks while hiding in a leaf pile, like restoring health or shields. Even though the task is strange, those who finish it will get 16,000 XP in-game and will be able to get Battle Pass cosmetics faster.


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    How to fix your health or shields in Fortnite while hiding in a leaf pile

    1) Get the Bush Warrior Extension.

    Getting the Bush Warrior Augment and entering a leaf pile would be the easiest way to finish this challenge. Once inside, players can get all their hit points back and 50 shield points back in a few seconds (only if damage has been sustained or shields are at zero).

    Even though it says “bush,” the Augment also works in leaf piles. The only problem with this method is that since Augments are randomly given out, it may not be possible for a player to get it in a single game. Even so, this method is still a very good one.


    2) Use items that heal to get your health and shields back.

    If a player has terrible luck with the RNG Gods, the best thing to do is use items that restore shields and heal hit points. Players don’t have to use Augments to regain their health and shields. Instead, they can find healing items in-game.

    Most of them can be found on the ground, while others must be gathered during the match. Once enough of an item has been found or bought, players need to go into a bush and use it to heal themselves. Here’s a list of all the healing items in the game right now:

    • Slap Berry
    • Slap Juice
    • Med-Mist
    • Bandage Medkit
    • Consumable Fish
    • Chug Splash
    • Shield Potion
    • Shield Keg (Small)

    More information about how to heal and repair shields while hiding in a leaf pile

    Remember that players must either have no shield points or a mix of low hit points and low or no shield points to complete this challenge. Complete the challenge by putting back 100 points worth of either or both.

    Also, if a player has the maximum amount of health and shield points, they will have to take some damage before getting them back. Most of the time, this will happen on its own when fighting.


    If a player wants to speed up the process, they will need to find a leaf pile as soon as they land to get their shields to the highest level. If their shields are complete, they can set themselves on fire to take damage and heal themselves in a pile of leaves. In this case, the first method is better than the second.

    How to find a leaf pile in Fortnite to hide behind

    Now that we’ve talked about “how to,” it’s time to talk about “where to.” Given that the first season of Chapter 4 is set in the Middle Ages, it’s not hard to find a pile of leaves. They are easy to find on the island in the autumn and in medieval biomes.

    They are often found in small groups, with a few meters between each leaf pile. Still, it might be hard to find them because their yellow or brown leaves blend well with their surroundings. Still, this is an easy problem to solve if you keep an eye out or play with a teammate and ask them to mark any leaf piles they see.

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