Here’s All You Need to Know If You Want to Train for Cisco 350-801 Certification Exam!

Collaborative technology is widely used in numerous organizations, as it greatly helps to boost both in-office and remote group work. Communication, conferencing, and coordination technology refer to the main types of collaborative software. Developing skills in this domain will help you stay relevant in the IT industry. The 200-301 CCNA from Cisco can help you validate your skills and make you a real asset for the company you are working in. Want to know more? Scroll down!

Brief Overview of the 350-801 Exam

The 300-410 ENARSI is centered on the management and implementation of the Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies. Besides, the exam leads to getting three certifications! The first one Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration designation you gain right after passing the test. To obtain the CCNP Collaboration and CCIE Collaboration, you have to take one more exam or a lab exam.

As passing the 350-801 exam is an extraordinary achievement for your career future, here are some tricks that you can add to your training plan to pass this test without stress!

  • Explore all exam details

One of the major 300-415 ENSDWI that many exam-takers have is determined by the exam’s structure and difficulty level. So, you can get rid of all emotions if you carefully explore the test’s details before taking the assessment. Therefore, you should know that its duration is 120 minutes within which you need to complete from 55 to 65 inquiries. The registration fee is $400, plus additional taxes. If you already have Cisco Learning Credits, you can use them to reduce the enrollment tax.

  • Carefully check the exam blueprint

One of the most effective tips you can use to pass the Exam-Labs is checking its blueprint. It will help you get a clear view of what skills you need to develop to get the passing score. Therefore, you should start by understanding how to describe the key infrastructure and design elements of Cisco Collaboration architecture and solutions. In addition, you should become proficient in troubleshooting and configuring Codecs, protocols, and Endpoints. Besides, this exam will test your knowledge of configuring Cisco CCNP and Media Resources as well as describing the Call Control elements. Finally, this assessment will focus on challenging your expertise in describing QoS and collaboration apps.

  • Improve your skills with Cisco training materials

Your success on Cisco 350-801 exam depends on your ability to train and consolidate your knowledge of Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies. You can have access to the correct information if you use the vendor’s official preparation resources. For example, you can enroll in the training class entitled Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR). You can choose either the instructor-led class or the virtual type of training. In addition, you can access the training videos and study materials dedicated to the CLCOR assessment. With these self-study materials, you can improve your preparedness level and considerably improve your chances to get a passing score on the first try.


If you haven’t decided yet when it’s the best time to take the Cisco CCIE , then you shouldn’t wait anymore! This is the best moment you can use to improve your knowledge in managing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies and get closer to adding some important certifications to your resume. Use the tips highlighted in this article and you will pass the Cisco 350-801 test with flying colors!

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