Hitman Holla leaked video goes viral on social media and left Twitter Scandalized. Watch Hitman Holla and Cinnamon leaked videos, which are currently getting viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon trends on social media after an e private video of two leaked from Snapchat's close friends group to directly onto Twitter

On December 15, 2021, Hitman Holla (Hitmanholla) and his girlfriend Cinnamon began trending on social media after an explicit video of two, leaked from Hitmanholla’s SnapChat’s “close friends” group and landed directly to Twitter timelines.

Fans of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon are reacting to the video which shows the couple’s explicit moments recorded in a car and the room thereafter.

Who are Hitman Holla and Cinnamon

Born on March 29, 1988, Gerald Fulton, Jr., better known as (Hitman Holla) is an American battle rapper, former athlete, and actor best known for being a battle rapper in the SMACK/URL rap circuit and for being one of the recurring cast members from Season 6 to Season 16 of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV, VH1, and MTV2.

Meanwhile, Cinnamon, Hitman Holla’s girlfriend is social media influencer and entrepreneur Cinnamon.

On Instagram, she has 335,000 followers (she has gained 4,000 followers since her video with Hitmanholla leaked online) and she often shares photos of her life in St. Louis and Atlanta.

She has two businesses, a fashion store called Cinny’s and a cooking business called Cinny’s Food, both of which she has tagged in her Instagrma bio.

Cinnamon is also a YouTuber and has her own channel with Hitman Holla which has 185,000 subscribers.

Hitman Holla Cinnamon Leaked Video

Hitmanholla Leaked video consists of various short clips, recorded at different moments, by the couple themselves and then join together to make a single video clip of two minutes duration.

The video shows the rapper along with his girlfriend ‘Cinnamon’ performing the ‘Natural Act’. Hitman Holla’s leaked video shows the couple in a compromising situation.

The Hitmanholla leaked video clip is x-rated on the whole and shows the private moments of the couple.

The rapper posted the video himself to his ‘close friends’ group Story on Snapchat last month, and it has now been leaked by someone on his ‘close friends’ list to Twitter.

Someone, from Hitman Holla’s close friends, screen-recorded the video and shared it on Twitter now.

If you’re unaware, ‘close friends’ is a way of only making a video visible to a select group of people that you have specifically chosen.

Although, it’s not confirmed who was the close friend who leaked the video of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon on Twitter. However, it is reported that a Twitter user “jazzywthetea” was the first to share the video on social media.

Now, I am sure you would be seeking the place where you can watch the leaked video of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon.

But due to its explicit nature, we are not going to upload the video here. However, if you still want to watch the Hitman leaked video, we can give you the link to the Twitter post where the video is available. You can watch Hitman Holla and Cinnamon’s leaked full video here at this link. NSFW CONTENT WARNING

Rapper Responds to his leaked video

Hitman Holla is aware of all the chatter around the leaked images and has issued a statement via social media addressing the matter.

On December 15, 2021, at 10 AM, Hitman Holla has addressed the video on Twitter and revealed that he posted the video to his close friends last month and it has since been screen recorded and outed.

Response of Hitman Holla to his leaked video with Cinnamon
Image via Twitter

He tweeted:

“N***** caught me slipping once okay, so what? 😂😂
Ima only clear up one thing.. Cinnamon in my close friends..”

“She knew every female I had in there (30 of them) she green light anything I post like let’s not act dumb..
Somebody screen recorded my close friends November 5th (our anniversary) that’s wen I posted them videos…
Not tripping I knew the risk… ppl wasn’t solid it’s all good.”

Alongside that, he wrote: “Would never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to or didn’t like what sense does that make .. but jokes on me okay cool I’ll be fine lol.”

Twitter Reacts to Hitman Holla Leaked video

Twitter users and fans of Hitman Holla are shocked by the leaked video and can’t believe that Hitman Holla actually posted it to his ‘close friends’.

A Twitter user wrote: “I remember when #hitmanholla pranked his girlfriend Cinnamon that he was cheating on her, and this girl cried her life away. But she approved him posting their intimidate videos and showing his package. Y’all females be backwards AF!!.”

“Just saw hitman&cin video & all I’m saying is let me hop on the remix 😅🤣 #hitman #hitmanholla #Cinnamon,” wrote another user.

One person wrote: “Hitman holla too weird for posting that lmao. Like what in the clout chase?”

“Why tha hell would @HitmanHolla post those videos and how’d they still get leaked from his close friends,” said another.

third person added: “I’m late af but was Hitman holla hacked cuz i know he ain’t just post all that on his story.”

“Did I like the hitman holla video yes I did, but I think this was intentional. Him and Cinn always overshared,” tweeted another.

Another user added: “hitmanholla and cinnamon video moood asf 😂.”

Meanwhile, others were seen asking for the link to the leaked video.

See more reactions by the fans over Hitman Holla and Cinnamon leaked video, below.

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