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    How new Fortnite Glitch is auto Completing challenges for the players

    This season, Fortnite players have been unhappy with the XP system or Fortnite glitch, but Epic Games hasn’t changed it yet. Their decision to increase the rewards for completing challenges has made many players angry and look for other ways to play.


    This has made them have to work hard at everything, which has made the season a little less fun. That’s too bad because there are many other things to love about it.

    How new Glitch of Fortnite is auto Completing challenges for the players

    Since there is less XP this season, creative maps and XP glitches have become even more popular. Players who want to level up as quickly as possible have always liked them, but now a lot of gamers are using them.

    A YouTuber who plays Fortnite recently found an amazing glitch that lets you reach a milestone in a very short amount of time and with almost no work. Here are the steps players can take to do that.

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    A glitch in Fortnite’s XP system lets players reach milestones early.

    The glitch was found by the Glitch King, whose name is very fitting. Fortnite players can be sure that Glitch King has a video tutorial to explain any glitch in the game or XP map in Creative mode.

    Most glitches or maps require players to find secret XP buttons or do weird things, but this one is pretty simple. Milestone quests give a lot of experience points, but they take a long time to finish. Even one as simple as “Thank the Bus Driver” takes a lot of matches to finish.

    With this glitch, players won’t have to finish in the top 10 hundreds of times to reach a certain milestone. Instead, they can join and leave Party Royale as many times as they want to get into the top 10 once. Usually, to get into the top 10, a player would have to play 300 games and place in the top 10. This would take an insanely long time.

    A glitch in Fortnite's XP system lets players reach milestones early.

    This method is time-consuming, but entering the game and leaving right away is faster than making it to the last 10 players.

    Like the other milestones, this one has steps. There are a total of 300 top 10 spots that need to be earned, but XP is given every now and then. Every 15 times you place, you move up a tier and get XP. This is a great way to finish a milestone quickly and earn a lot of experience points.

    What can you do with XP in Season 3 of Chapter 3?

    In Fortnite, XP is always important, but it’s especially important when the Battle Pass has a lot of good items.

    On the second page, there is a new style for Evie. Who is a fan favourite and was added this season. On the fourth page, there is a different look for Adira, who also has great skin this season.


    On the fifth page, you can find both the Storm Crash glider and the popular Stormfarer skin. Malik, a new original skin, is shown on the sixth page. It also shows The King’s Oath, the tool he uses to harvest. This is going to be a very popular tool for harvesting.

    What can you do with XP in Season 3 of Chapter 3?

    On the seventh page, Stormfarer gets an amazing new look. So Fortnite players will want to get there as soon as possible.

    On the ninth page, Sabina and Evie get beautiful new looks. And on the last page of the Battle Pass, Darth Vader is waiting for Fortnite players.

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