How To Choose A Surveillance Camera

Tapo smart camera enables you to monitor what matters most. Keep an eye on your property, home and loved ones. Image uploaded from Google

Surveillance Camera: Throughout this article we will see various models for different use scenarios, but there are a number of characteristics in common in all of them:

Video resolution

You will find 4K and 2K models, but to visualize what is happening, 1080p quality offers enough detail and works well with the data relay of a standard Wi-Fi network.

View angle

Unlike webcams where the idea is to record in the foreground for video calls, here it is important that it covers a good area so that we can see what is happening in the environment. If you’re aiming for the crib it’s not that important, but for safety or pets it is.

Two-way audio

It has nothing to do with the recording quality, but listening to what is happening and being able to intervene is interesting: to calm your baby, prevent your dog from climbing on the sofa or just keep an eye on those bushes that move.

Movement alerts

A function that is of interest both outdoors to differentiate a cat from an intruder or to know if it is a person or a dog who enters the kitchen.

Night vision

 It will allow us to visualize what is happening when there is no light or in poor light. If you have a special interest in the night, there are those with colored night vision.

Where do they store the recordings : locally, in the cloud or both. In case of using servers, the usual thing is that they are linked to a monthly fee. Be careful because there are models whose more advanced functions are associated with that payment service.


Although you may only want one camera, if the idea is to mount several to form a surveillance service, then it is important that it be expandable.

Power , by cable or battery (there are also solar options for exteriors). While the former leads us to have a plug nearby (indoors it is not a problem), with the latter we can carry out the installation easily and anywhere. In the same way, there are also those with Wi-Fi connectivity or with ethernet for a wired connection.

Other extras such as geofencing, so that they come into action or deactivate based on your position or compatibility with voice assistants.

In summary:

If you want it outdoors: pay attention to the resistance they offer to the elements (they generally offer IP certification data ) and how the installation is.

If you want it for pets: then you are especially interested in having two-way audio (a scream in time can prevent greater evils), a wide angle of vision to control what is happening around you, night vision and some type of detection / recognition. Be careful because there are specific smart feeders with an integrated camera to entertain and monitor them

If you want it for babies: 

in this case, in addition to two-way audio, it is important that if you want to put it in the foreground, it is friendly, non-toxic and resistant. There are models with cry detection.

Surveillance camera sample image taken from Google




local with SD and cloud option (3.49 euros/month)



Indoor, wired and Wi-Fi



24 Euro

If you want a basic, discreet and cheap model , the TP-Link TAPO C200 ( 24 euros ) is a good option. One of the strengths of this indoor camera is that it can cover 360 degrees horizontally, very useful for large rooms or corridors. Vertically covers 114 degrees.

Not bad in performance, it records in Full HD, it has motion detection, two-way audio, night vision and is compatible with Alexa. As for where you store the recordings: on an SD card up to 128GB. However, the brand has a cloud storage service (Tapocare, paid)