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    How to choose the best new sweepstakes casinos

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    There has been a gambling revolution in the US over the last few years. Since the Supreme Court ruled against the 1992 federal law that prohibited sports betting in 2018, states across the US have launched their own sports betting sectors. As mobile sports betting has spread, so have calls for online casino gaming to be legalized in states where it is not currently permitted. 

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    This process of legalization is proceeding slowly, however, so online casino fans looking for other options are fueling growth in the sweepstakes casino sector. In fact, new sweepstakes casinos are being launched every year across the US, so we’ve put together this guide on how to find the ideal sweepstakes casino to suit your preferences. First, let’s review exactly what a sweepstakes casino is. 

    What is a sweepstakes casino?

    Since real-money online casinos are not legal in many parts of the US, you may be surprised to find that a different form of casino platform is legal. Due to the status of sweepstakes casinos, they are legal in most states. 

    This is a form of casino in which real money is not used to play the various games. At a sweepstakes casino, you can only play games using virtual currency. This virtual currency comes in the form of sweepstakes coins, which can technically be exchanged for real money and gold coins which are designed for playing purely for fun. Since real money is not being used to gamble, sweepstakes casinos are not in violation of federal or most state laws. 

    Although they are not classed as gambling sites, sweepstakes casinos are under the supervision of each state’s gambling regulator and must be licensed by that regulator. For instance, a sweepstakes casino in Pennsylvania would need to apply for a license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and would be subject to their rules and regulations. 

    In no circumstances should you play at unlicensed sites. Sites that are not regulated can put you at risk of legal sanction, loss of data and theft. Always check for a license on the home page of any sweepstakes casino that you are considering using, and if you are in doubt, get in touch with your state gambling regulator to confirm that the site is legal and safe. 

    Generous welcome bonus offers

    Sweepstakes casinos often provide welcome promotions for new players, usually in the form of free coins that can be used to play its games. For instance, a site may reward you with thousands of free gold coins just for signing up. 

    If you are considering multiple sweepstakes casino sites, it can be a good idea to check out their bonus offers, not just for new players but for those who use the site regularly. Finding the best bonus offers can give your gaming a boost and increase your gaming time without having to spend real money. Regular bonuses for loyal players can also be a handy boost to your play. 

    Minimum redemption limits

    All bonuses come with terms and conditions attached, and sweepstakes casino bonuses are no different. One of the most common rules applied to these bonuses is the minimum redemption limit. 

    When you play at a sweepstakes casino, the sweepstakes coins that you win can be converted into cash and withdrawn, but the casino puts a limit on these withdrawals, which are known as redemptions. 

    There is usually a minimum number of coins that you have to redeem. If you are using bonus coins, then you will typically have to ‘play through’ the bonus coins a set number of times before you can make a redemption. This is known as the wagering requirement and it can vary widely between sites, so it is a good idea to check the redemption rules at any sweepstakes casino you are planning to join. 

    Prize availability

    While sweepstakes casinos are essentially a form of entertainment, and should be viewed as fun, it is worth considering the availability of prizes and other rewards when evaluating a site. 

    In addition to the prizes offered by playing the games on a site, you can also earn prizes through various competitions and tournaments hosted by the site. When you’re looking at a sweepstakes casino site, take time to check out their prize availability and read reviews from players to get an idea of how many prizes are offered and how generous these prizes are compared to other sites. 

    Mobile availability

    Most internet activity in 2023 is carried out through mobile devices, and any casino or sweepstakes casino that does not provide effective mobile compatibility is at a major disadvantage. 

    In the early days of the smartphone, online casinos offered mobile play through downloadable apps that would be compatible with the operating system of your device, but HTML5 has made it possible to play directly through a mobile browser.

    Whichever method you prefer, it is a good idea to check the quality of the mobile platform at any sweepstakes casino. Ensure that the mobile site offers the full range of games, prizes and account features that can be found on the desktop version, that it works smoothly with your operating system and device and that it provides a clear and uncluttered UI. 

    Customer support

    Many players don’t consider the importance of customer support when signing up to a sweepstakes casino, but this is a mistake. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of a site, or you have a query about a game or transaction or if you just need help with understanding the sweepstakes casino concept, you need to be able to access fast, efficient and friendly customer support. 

    When choosing a sweepstakes casino, it is important to look for sites that offer a range of contact options, including toll-free telephone, email, live chat and social media messaging, and that these methods are available on a 24/7 basis.