How to Earn money doing Freelancing, Everything you need to know as a freelancer

    How to Earn money doing Freelance jobs: A Guide for every freelancer

    There are so many people who are trying to get into freelancing and are struggling with the idea of making a living doing freelance jobs. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, because you are not alone. If you have been thinking of how to make money with your freelancing skills, then this article is for you.

    You may be wondering how to make money doing freelance jobs, and if you are like most people, you are probably overwhelmed by all of the different ways that you can make money with your online skills. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a right way to do it, and I will show you how to do it in this article.

    So, before we start, let me tell you why I am so passionate about this topic. I’ve been a freelancer for more than 9 years. I’ve made a living doing it, and I’ve seen many others do it as well. I want to share my knowledge with you because I want you to know that it’s possible and you can earn more money than any lavish job by doing freelancing.

    You see, when I first started out, I was totally overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many ways to make money online. There are sites for freelancers like Upwork, Freelance, Elance, Peopleperhour, and Gigster. But these are just some of the sites that I use. The reality is that there are dozens of other ways that you can make money as a freelancer.

    You just have to be willing to take the time to research them. And the good news is that once you start making money, you’ll never have to look back!

    Now, How to Make Money with Your Online Skills… There are two very important things that you must keep in mind when you start out as a freelancer. First, you have to be willing to learn how to market your services effectively. And second, you must be able to charge a fair rate for the work that you do. Otherwise, you will never make any money doing it. Because if you sell your services very expansive, most of people will not able to hire you.

    And if you keep your services very cheap, people will doubt on your abilities and ultimately with no or less income for you. So, if you’re ready to start making money online, let’s get started.

    What is freelancing?

    How to Earn money doing Freelancing:

    Freelancing is an online business where you work on projects and clients hire you to do so. It is a great way to earn money online because you get to choose what kind of projects you want to work on. You can choose from small projects like writing articles to big projects like designing websites. The only thing you need to do is to have the skills and expertise to do the freelance job.

    You can also get paid to test products. You can write reviews and opinions on different products and get paid through Amazon or another site. And if you want to go further, you can become a vendor on Etsy or create your own eCommerce store.

    In short, Freelancing is the act of selling one’s services on a freelance basis.

    – Freelancers work for other companies or individuals who are looking to get work done by a freelancer

    – Freelancers work through networks, online or in person

    – Freelancers often charge hourly rates

    – Freelancers often work for a project basis

    – Freelancers can earn a lot of money

    – Freelancers are mostly self-employed and work from home


    Thus, if you are looking for ways to make money online, you should consider freelancing.

     Why become a Freelancer?

    As I have noted earlier, you can choose what kind of projects you want to work on. This means that you can choose the type of projects that you like to work on.


    And you can choose to work on projects that pay a lot or those that pay little. For example, you can choose to work on small projects and make a few dollars or you can choose to work on large projects and make thousands of dollars.

    Another advantage of freelancing is that you get to work from home. Many people dream of working from home. But it’s not always easy to find a job that lets you do so.

    However, freelancing is one of the best ways to work from home. You can set your own hours and work when you want. Later, you can decide to increase or decrease the number of hours that you work each week.

    There is no boss looking over your shoulder. You can even take time off to raise a family.

    And if you want to work for yourself, you don’t need to worry about the overhead costs of running a business.

    But before you go and start freelancing, there are some things you need to consider.

    1. What type of freelancer are you?

    Do you want to be a full-time freelancer? Or would you prefer to freelance only a few hours a week?

    There are pros and cons to each. A full-time freelancer will have more freedom, and chances are that he may earn more than a lucirative job. But a part time freelancer, working few hours, will also have less money. He will be doing this only for a simple living.

    What are the different types of Freelancing?

    There are two main types of Freelancing jobs such as:

    Full-Time Freelancer:

    A full-time freelancer is someone who works for himself or herself full-time. He or she works for a client, and the client pays him or her for the work.

    The client may be a company, or a personal client. The freelancer has to work for a client. If the client does not pay him or her, then the freelancer is out of business.

     You can work full-time as a freelancer if you want to. You might enjoy the freedom of working for yourself. You might also be tired of being told what to do by others.

    Part-Time Freelancer

    A part-time freelancer is someone who works for himself or herself part-time. He or she works for a client, and the client pays him or her for the work.

    Freelancing can be a full-time job. It can also be a second job. It’s up to you to decide how much time you want to devote to your freelance business. Maybe you want to work for yourself and still have time for family and friends.

    It all depends on you which one is right for you?

    Here are some types of Freelancing Jobs:

    There are different types of Freelancing jobs such as

    What are the Pros and Cons of Freelancing?


    You can work from home, on the road, or even in your neighborhood. You can work whenever you want, as long as you are online. You can work for yourself or for a company. You can make money doing what you love. There are many ways to make money from freelancing. You can write articles, blog posts, make videos, do web design, or anything else that you can think of.


     Working alone on the computer and even if you do have a friend or two at the company they are likely not as available as they would be if you worked with them in an office environment.

    Which are the top 5 freelance platforms for 2022?

    You have heard people say that it’s difficult to find clients who pay freelancers because of high competition among freelancers. However, freelancing is a great way to make some extra money on the side.

    There are dozens of freelance marketplaces on the web today. These platforms have become a convenient way to connect people who need work done with people who offer their services.

    The question then becomes – what are the top 5 freelance websites on the planet to work with in 2022? What are the best ones for making money fast?

    And why is this important?

    I’m going to share the top five platforms for freelancers and entrepreneurs. I think they’re the most useful platforms because they allow freelancers to find work quickly, and entrepreneurs can get quality freelancers to work with them.

    There are some sites that you may have heard of – Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, etc. There are other sites that you may not know about – Fiverr, Gumroad, and even websites like Elance and People Pay People.

    The most important thing to consider when choosing a freelance platform is what kind of work you plan to do. Do you want to work on projects that involve working closely with clients?

    Here’s the thing though, which are the best freelance sites for the next 5 years?

    Upwork – Upwork is an American company that specializes in outsourcing, and has a global workforce of over 2 million freelancers. It provides a platform where you can hire a freelancer from anywhere in the world.

    Upwork is one of the largest freelancing websites on the planet, and has earned a reputation as a reputable site for both clients and freelancers. Upwork is best for freelancers looking to work from home, or those who are just starting out.

    Fiverr – Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance website. It is used by millions of freelancers every month to sell their skills to anyone around the globe.

    Fiverr’s “buyers” are individuals and businesses that are looking for freelance services. They can be anything from writing to graphic design to voiceover. Buyers are responsible for finding the Freelancers and projects they want to bid on, and are given a payment range before they place their order.

    Fiverr has become a popular choice among small businesses and startups looking to outsource their needs.

    Gumroad – Gumroad is an online payments platform that allows individuals and businesses to send funds to each other directly through Gumroad.

    Businesses create an account on Gumroad, and customers can pay for a product or service. This can be used for anything from t-shirts to freelance writing. Individuals and small businesses can easily set up a Gumroad account, and this is a great option if you want to build your own online store.

    People Pay People – People Pay People is a peer-to-peer online marketplace. It is an easy way of getting paid for your freelance skills.

    Peer-to-peer means that clients and freelancers interact with each other directly. This allows for the creation of a much more personal relationship, and it also leads to more trust.

    Peer-to-peer projects are an excellent option for freelancers who don’t mind being flexible with the hours they are available.

    Elance – Elance was founded in 2000 and it has grown into one of the largest online marketplaces. It is used by millions of freelancers every month, and offers a wide variety of projects and clients.

    There are many different types of projects that you can work on, and it’s possible to choose any of them. Elance is a great option for freelancers who are looking for steady work.

    What Tools Do You Need to Make Money Freelancing?

    If you don’t know where to start when looking for a freelance platform, this is the ultimate checklist of tools you need to get started making money freelancing.

    Many people assume freelancing can only mean that you get to have fun while making money. But the truth is, that’s not always the case. There are times when you’ll end up spending longer hours than you’d like. You may also have to put in extra effort to complete projects. And the best part about freelancing is that you’ll have more freedom to choose which projects you want to take on. But how can you ensure that you end up making more money? Here are some things you need to know.

    1. Set Up an Online Shop
    2. Build your website
    3. Set up an Email List
    4. Create a Landing Page
    5. Offer a Freebie or Discount
    6. Get Your Name Out There
    7. Get Your Clients on Board
    8. Use Social Media and Video Marketing
    9. Track Your Progress
    10. Keep Learning, Adapt and Grow
    11. Be Accountable
    12. Charge Ahead
    13. Stay Organized
    14. Build a Client Portfolio
    15. Network & Be Sociable
    16. Learn to Say No
    17. Grow a Team
    18. Build a Business Plan
    19. Find Clients with High Value Projects
    20. Have Fun, but Never Stop Learning
    21. Choose Your Market, Don’t Be Afraid
    22. Charge for Your Time
    23. Start the Day with a Goal in Mind
    24. Stay Positive
    25. Take Risks
    26. Never Underestimate Your Skill Level
    27. Know How to Market Your Services
    28. Learn From Mistakes
    29. Have the Right Attitude
    30. Don’t Worry About Money
    31. Practice, Practice, Practice

    If you are serious about freelancing, you will need to invest in some tools that you might not have thought about. For example, I’m not a Photoshop guru, but I’m learning how to use it effectively and efficiently. It’s a new tool, and it’s worth investing in the time to learn how to use it and become more productive. If you are going to be successful in the long run, you need to be able to utilize all of the tools in your arsenal to help you increase productivity and grow your business.

     How to Get Started?

    As I have noted above, the first step to getting started as a freelancer is to find a freelance platform that works for you. Once you have found one that you like, you will need to get the right tools to help you make money freelancing. The good news is that there are many options out there, and the most important thing is to choose one that works for you. I recommend that you choose a platform that you can use to track your progress and stay organized. I also recommend that you look for a platform that offers you the flexibility to choose the type of projects you want to work on. It is very important to find a platform that you enjoy using because you will be spending a lot of time using it.

    Conversely, if you do not enjoy using a particular platform, then it will be difficult to stick with it. So, when choosing a platform, you should consider how much time you want to spend on it, and whether you enjoy using it or not.

    How to Start Freelancing?

    Once you have chosen a Freelancing platform, the next step is to find a project. There are many different types of projects out there, but you will need to find something that fits with your skills and interests. You can start by searching online for different types of projects.

    You can also go through the job boards on your chosen platform and search for specific projects that you would like to work on. You may also want to try contacting companies directly.

    Consequently, you can start freelancing in a short time.

    Freelance Jobs: The Best Places to Find Them

    Apart from the platforms mentioned above, There are many other places where you can find freelance jobs. The first place to look is your own social network. If you have friends or family who are looking for freelance work, ask them if they know anyone who is looking for a freelancer. This could be a great way to get started.

    The second place to look is your own personal network. Many people will be willing to pay you to do a bit of work for them. If someone have a website, then you can offer to create content for it. You can also offer to create graphics, or even offer to write an article for someone.

    How to avoid Scams while doing freelancing jobs?

    There are many people who are willing to take advantage of freelancers.


    How can I earn money doing freelance? There are many ways to earn money doing freelance. You could work for an organization or company, or you could freelance from home.

    What is the best way to get started? The best way to get started is to look at what you have available and what skills you have. Then, start researching the market and find out what is in demand.

    What are the best freelancing jobs for a beginner? The best jobs for a beginner are graphic design, web design, and writing.

    What’s the most common type of freelance work? The most common type of freelance work is graphic design.

    What are some other types of freelance work? Other types of freelance work include writing, web design, and copywriting.

    What can I expect to earn doing freelance? The amount you can earn varies. It depends on the company, the job, and your skills. The average salary for a freelance graphic designer is $50,000 per year.

    What is the best way to get started? The best way to get started is to look at what you have available and what skills you have. Then, look at the market and find out what is in demand.

    How do I find work? There are many ways to find work. You can post ads on online writing communities. You can also use search engines such as Google. Also in this article above, we have mentioned a list of top five freelancing platforms/websites.

    How do I know if I should do freelance? If you are passionate about your work, then you should definitely consider doing freelance work.

    What’s the best way to get clients? The best way to get clients is through networking.