How to Get Free Rewards – Fortnite Rebuild the Block

    In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Fortnite Rebuild the Block, there are a number of free items that players can get. This season, Epic Games has given away a lot of free cosmetics, but it turns out that there will be even more soon.

    The summer event for Fortnite is almost here and will be out any day now. During this event, players will be able to get a lot of exclusive items.

    Epic Games will give players rewards for rebuilding Tilted Towers on top of the summer event. According to the people who leaked the information, this new feature will let players unlock three new items.

    Popular leakers also say that the game developer will give away free stuff as part of the Dragon Ball collaboration. All things considered, it looks like this summer will be a lot of fun and bring a lot of benefits.

    How to Get Free Rewards - Fortnite Rebuild the Block

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    Players will get free Fortnite items if they rebuild Tilted Towers.

    With the v21.30 update, which came out on July 18 and was about rebuilding Tilted Towers, Epic Games added files. During Chapter 3 Season 3, this well-known place will change, and players will be able to choose the new building.

    Voting will happen on the Funding Boards, and it looks like Epic Games will give players something for taking part. Here are all the benefits of putting Tilted Towers back together:

    • Skydiving Sea-Wheeled contrail – Complete 3 Stages of the Rebuild the Block quest
    • Lucky Lance pickaxe: Finish 7 stages of the Rebuild the Block quest
    • Oro-Boris back bling: Finish 12 stages of the Rebuild the Block quest

    To get all of the items, players will have to go through several stages. But these challenges are very easy, and anyone who is active during the rebuilding phase can finish them.

    During the event, players will have to donate Gold Bars, kill enemies, and stay alive during storm phases.

    The items look great and will probably only be sold at the event where votes are cast. This means that they will never be sold in the Item Shop, making them very hard to find.

    Players in Fortnite will also get extra XP for finishing each stage of the Rebuilding the Block questline. More specifically, 14,000 XP will be given for each quest.

    Date of release and more free cosmetics

    The pickaxe has a unique effect: when players use it to gather resources, it breaks. As it falls apart, it shows new layers.

    The back bling is based on the ancient symbol of Ouroboros, which shows a snake eating its own tail.

    Date of release and more free cosmetics

    Players will start getting the free Fortnite items on Thursday, July 21. At 8 a.m in Fortnite Rebuild the Block. Eastern Time, the event will start, and players will be able to begin the journey of rebuilding the Tilted Towers.

    Epic Games is likely to soon release the summer event as well as the event to rebuild the Tilted Towers.

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