How to remain secure from Getting Your WhatsApp Hacked in Pakistan

How to remain secure from Getting Your WhatsApp Accounts Hacked in Pakistan
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Few months before, it was reported that WhatsApp accounts were being hacked in Karachi. There was a group of hackers that was actively involved in hacking WhatsApp accounts of Pakistanis mostly based in Karachi.

Assistant director FIA Cybercrime wing ‘Asif Iqbal Chaudhry‘ has shared very useful information to stay safe from WhatsApp hack. Watch in the video, below, or keep reading this article.
Video: Assistant-Director FIA Cybercrime wing ‘Asif Iqbal Chaudhry’ tells how they can hack your WhatsApp and how to remain secure from your WhatsApp getting Hacked.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Cyber Crime wing received numerous complaints where the people said that the hackers hacked their accounts and asked for a money transfer through the bank if they wanted to get back the hold of their accounts.

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Now we must tell our readers that hacking your WhatsApp or mobile phone is not easy especially of these social media apps as they have a secure system.

Hacking is mostly done by taking the owners’ help knowingly or unknowingly. Hackers usually tempt you through certain links or other acts. If you open a malicious link, it can allow hackers access to your account. For instance, a link can download malware in your app that can be used to steal your security information.

how to remain secure From Your WhatsApp getting Hacked in Pakistan?

  • you must not open links you are unsure about.
  • Also, don’t give your phone to people you don’t trust.
  • When using open Wi-Fi’s be extremely careful.
  • Try and use proxy browsers on the system you don’t trust.
  • They (Hackers) will call you and will ask a code which they sent on your phone number via SMS. Never give them any code which you received via SMS on your phone. (A common practice used by WhatsApp hackers is that they put your WhatsApp number in their device’s WhatsApp and Whatsapp sends a verification code to your number. After that, they call you and ask for that code by making different types of excuses. That code is the key to your WhatsApp security.

If you are not careful hackers can misuse your WhatsApp account. Thus it is important to remain cautious.