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    How to Transfer Non-Purchased Music from iPhone to Computer

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    If you are an Apple user, you can buy music from the iTunes / Apple Music store or download it for free, and it may be questionable whether you have moved the purchased music to your computer and bought it, and with iTunes, there are several ways you can transfer music purchased from iPhone to iTunes without any problems.

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    Can I transfer music not purchased from my iPhone to my computer?

    Since you have downloaded a lot of music to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can enjoy music anywhere. Now, for some reason you need to move them to your computer. iTunes is a standard program for managing music and helps to sync your computer and music. However, the supported music is limited to items purchased on the device.
    How to transfer music from an iPhone to a computer that you haven’t purchased? Fortunately, there are third-party tools that help you transfer both music you purchased from your iPhone/iPod to your computer and music you didn’t buy. This article will show you how to transfer non-purchased music from iphone to computer effortlessly and quickly.

    How to Transfer Non-Purchased Music from iPhone to Computer for free

    iTunes has restrictions so you can transfer purchased music to your PC.You can use the help of a third-party iPhone transfer software called FoneTool. It’s one of the best software that can transfer both purchased music and not bought music to your computer. I’m not limited to this. There is no restriction on the same Apple ID that you face when transferring music using the iClouds music library. It also supports two-way transfer without incorporating a music library.This music transfer tool does not require Wi-Fi during the transfer process.
    Features and Advantages of FoneTool: 

    ✔ With easy-to-use, clear interface and user-friendly design, you can complete the transfer in a few clicks.

    ✔ Convert the selected music. It allows you to transfer all the music in one click or send only the selected music. 

    ✔ Fast transfer speed 1000 songs can be sent in just 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

    ✔ Wide compatibility It supports all iPhones.Includes the latest version of iPhone 15 (Max)/15 Pro (Max), iPod and iPad, and the latest iOS 17/16. 

    Follow the following steps to download the tool to your computer and transfer unacquired music from your iPhone to your PC.

    Steps to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to computer

    Step 1. Download and Install FoneTool: 

    Go to FoneTool’s official website and download the software for your PC. Once the download is complete, follow these simple tips to install free software on your computer.

    Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to PC: 

    Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and trust the computer connected.

    Step 3.  Launch FoneTool: 

    Open FoneTool on your PC. The software will automatically detect your connected iPhone. Click “Trust” on your iPhone to act.

    How to Transfer Non-Purchased Music from iPhone to Computer

    Step 4. Select Music Transfer: 

    In FoneTool, go to the Mobile Phone Transfer feature and select iPhone to PC.This allows you to manage and transfer photos from your iPhone.

    Music transfer from iPhone to computer

    Step 5. Choose Music to Transfer: 

    Run the music library on your iPhone and select the music you want to transfer. You can select a particular song or all folders. Click “OK” 

    Transferring music to computer from an apple iPhone

    Step 6. Start the Transfer Process: 

    You can change the target for saving your iPhone music from “Transfer Settings” after checking everything.Click the “Start Transfer” button to start the process. FoneTool safely transfers selected photos from your iPhone to your PC.

    Transfer files from iPhone to PC

    Step 7. Check Transferred Music: 

    Once the transfer is complete, access the folder specified on your PC to view the transferred music. Make sure all songs are transferred correctly and in original quality.


    You have now learned how to transfer unacquired music from your iPhone to your computer. I recommend using the Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer Tool since I can transfer purchased music from iPhone to iTunes. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface for all beginners to use the software as a professional. Therefore, please use this software and let us know what you think about the software in the comments section below.