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    How to unlock the Spider Gwen outfit in Fortnite -Season 4 Chapter 3


    Chapter 3 Season 4 – The Spider Gwen Fortnite skin is now in the game, thanks to the Season 4 Battle Pass. Along with other cosmetic items, the Battle Pass has brought in a total of eight new skins. It follows the Tier system that was already set up and can be bought for 950 V-Bucks.

    Spider-Gwen is the only Marvel skin in the Battle Pass, with only one collaborative outfit this time. This Fortnite skin is part of the Battle Pass, and players can get it by getting all the cosmetic items in the Tiers before it.

    How to unlock the Spider Gwen outfit in Fortnite -Season 4 Chapter 3

    Spider, The Gwen Fortnite Skin, is based on the Spider-Verse character with the same name. This version takes place on Earth-65, and the main character is Gwen Stacy, who a radioactive radio spider bites.

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    Guide: Unlock Spider Gwen Fortnite Skin easily

    Spider Gwen is not a secret skin, so players will be able to get it after reaching the right Tier and getting all the previous skins. For example, if an outfit is on page five of the Battle Pass, you will need to unlock all cosmetic items from pages one through five to get the outfit.

    Since the Spider Gwen Fortnite Skin is at Tier 100, players don’t have to claim everything on page 10 of the Battle Pass to get it. At level 90, you can get the Tier 100 outfit without having to get any other cosmetic items first. But they have to have enough Battle Stars to open it.

    Players who don’t mind spending their V-Bucks can buy the whole Battle Pass at once and get Spider Gwen immediately. To move up one level, you need 150 V-Bucks. Based on their Tier level, they will have to pay.

    There is also a way for players to move up 25 levels in Fortnite instantly. The Battle Bundle, which costs 1850 V-Bucks, can help them move ahead in the Battle Pass by a quarter. But it only works for people at level 75 or below. Also, you can only use it once a season.

    To level up in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, players need to get 80,000 XP. They need a total of 7.92 million XP to reach level 100. Getting to level 25 is easy initially, and you can level up quickly. But getting closer to level 100 makes it harder to get XP.

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    The Fortnite Battle Pass, which just came out, has eight different characters.

    • Paradigm (Reality-659)
    • Lennox Rose
    • Bytes
    • Grriz
    • Mewo
    • Skulls
    • Twyn
    • The Herald
    • Spider-Gwen

    When a player buys the Battle Pass, Paradigm (Reality-659) is the character they will get by default. It has been leaked that the Spider Gwen Fortnite Skin is a Tier 100 outfit, which hasn’t been made public yet. It has one different editing style in which the character is shown without a mask.

    Four Spider Gwen-themed cosmetic items go with the outfit, like a harvesting tool and back bling. The Herald outfit is also part of the Battle Pass. It will be unlocked later in the season.

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