Which Cities of India, Pakistan Can Nuke in Case of Nuclear War

Nuclear war between India and Pakistan

The situation between India and Pakistan is once again intense. This time, tension is higher because India attempted to play its last card to take control of Indian occupied Kashmir and try to change the demographic. Pakistan is a Party in Kashmir dispute.

Dr Shahid Masood reveals, which cities of India Pakistan Can Nuke in Case of war.

Since the beginning of August when Indian government revoked the article 35A and Article 370, Pakistan is warning the Indian government to stop human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and give Kashmiri people their right of self-determination. Prime Minister of Pakistan warned the world for the consequences of big powers don’t intervene in Kashmir issue.

If a conventional war between India and Pakistan begins, it can lead to a nuclear war. Some sources reported that In the case of Nuclear war between India and Pakistan, 2 more nuclear powers could jump into nuclear war and cause complete destruction of the world. Imran Khan urged global leaders to push Narendra Modi toward a peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute. In his recent article to the New York Times, Imran Khan warned the world to not ignore Kashmir dispute.

If Pakistan Nuke India

Journalist Dr Shahid Masood revealed that Pakistan is keeping big cities of India on the target of Its nuclear missiles. If a conventional war begins between both nuclear powers, it will easily turn into nuclear war. In that case, Pakistan could hit Bombay and Delhi in the first instant. Furthermore, all major cities of India with military installations are already at the target of Pakistani missiles. Pakistan has the ability to hit each and every city of India. According to reports, Pakistan could hit nearly 80 cities of India as It has from short-range to long-range missile system.

Pakistan's nuclear missiles

Besides the questions of “who will begin the war, Pakistan or India” this could cause massive destruction of the whole region. Because Pakistan has between 140-160 nuclear weapons and India has 110-120 nuclear weapons. God forbid, if the war begins between India and Pakistan, hundreds of million people could die in a few minutes. The secondary destruction by radiation and nuclear winter is another story which will cause to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth. Read more, What If Pakistan Nuke India?.

The world should understand that their silence on Indian brutality with 6 million Kashmiri people since 7 decades is going to interrupt their sleep in extremely harsh ways.