iamferv Video Filtrado – iam ferv video filtrado Explored – Fernanda Villalobos viral video

Screenshot image of iamferv video filtrado

iamferv video filtrado is currently trending on social media and people are hunting for “iamferv video”. “iamferv” is a Chilean female TikTok star who has more than 29 million followers and 2 billion likes on TikTok. Real name of iamferv is Fernanda Villalobos.

iamferv video filtrado

On june 16, 2022, millions of fans of “iamferv” left Scandalized after a private video of TikTok star emerged on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. The viral video labelled as “iamferv video filtrado.”

iamferv video filtrado shows the TikTok star engaged in romantic moments with another TikToker Max Venezuela “Nova”. In the video, iamferv and Max Venezuela can be seen kissing each other while filming themselves using a mobile phone camera.

Fans of iamferv are surprised to watch this video because they weren’t aware of of the “iamferv” and Max Venezuela are in a relationship.

Screenshot image of iamferv Video filtrado

You can watch iamferv video filtrado, below.

Los sacrificios de Iamferv para estar con Max Valenzuela
Video: iamferv video filtrado with Max Venezuela

Alternatively, you can watch iamferv leaked video (iamferv video filtrado) on Twitter by going on this link where it was shared by asurario_r Twitter user

Who is iamferv

Born on April 27, 2004, iamferv is a Chilean social media star. She became popular on TikTok with TIKTOK ID “iamferv” and now she has 29 million followers and 2 billion likes on lip-sync short video sharing platform.

Screenshot of iamferv TikTok account page

In late 2018, she released her first original song titled “Perdemos el Control.” In the summer of 2019, she released her second single titled “Solo a Mí.” 

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