Ibsham Zahid Threatens Fatima Aamir of Rape and Murder

Ibsham Zahid Threatens Fatima Aamir of rape and murder

Lahore: A female Student, Fatima Aamir, receives rape and death threats from a spoiled youth, Ibsham Zahid, The girl has uploaded screenshot of accused’s threats on social media after the Police didn’t take action on her complaint against Ibsham Zahid.

Video shared on Instagram by Fatima Aamir Sheikh

According to details, An incident of harassment of a student has come to light in Lahore in which the accused, identified as Ibsham Zahid, has been threatening to rape and kill the girl, Fatima Aamir, since 2016. The girl has Uploaded video of threats on social media.

In the video uploaded by Fatima, the culprit Ibsham can be seen threatening and intimidating Fatima and her family by showing off weapons and using foul language.


Fatima said that Ibsham Zahid is not only threatening her of rape but also threatening to kill her. The girl also shared a video of the accused Absham in which he is threatening her by showing weapons and several Screenshots of his messages. See the Screenshots, shared by Fatima Aamir, below.

Screenshot of Ibsham Zahid's messages threatening Fatima Aamir
Ibsham Zahid Threatens Fatima Aamir
Ibsham Zahid Threatens Fatima Aamir of rape and murder

According to Fatima, despite requesting the police, the police did not take any action. In the past, Ibsham also broke into her house and threatened to kill and rape her.

The victim further said that there was an attempt to abduct her once by the accused. The accused is in her pursuit all the time in the evening. She is trapped in the house. In her post on social meda she has also appealed for help from law enforcement agencies and the government.

Public demands #ibshamzahidbehindthebars

Soon after the video of Ibsham and the Screenshots of his messages, threatening Fatima Aamir, emerged on social media, an outrage sparked and people are demanding #ibshamzahidbehindthebars.

A Twitter user ‘Simon’ shared in his tweet that after the outrage on social media, Ibsham Zahid is fleeing to Dubai and authorities should stop him from escaping.

Another Twitter user ‘JoJo’ also shared Ibsham Zahid’s pictures and Screenshots of his messages and wrote, Tweet reads “This pathetic, pyscho man is threatening and harassing Fatima since 2016. His parents apologised Fatima’s family lately but could not control their son and come up with a reason that he has anger management issue #ibshamzahidbehindthebars.”

“The hell if your son have anger issue why would you hand over him guns and authorities? Moreover this pyscho says “meray nana kehte hain k jail mardo k lai hai. Meray papa or meray dada beh jail jaa chukay hain”. Seriously? You raised him wrongly, JoJo added in her another tweet.”