Imran Khan and Bushra Bebi (wife of Imran Khan)

At the beginning of October 2019, Indian media started a cheap campaign against Imran Khan and his wife. A media Giant of Indian Media Industry and a reputed News channel “ANI” Reported that the Image of Imran Khan’s wife (Bushra Bebi) doesn’t appear in the mirror. Following this fake and Non-sense news, other big News channels of India also started to report that Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bebi doesn’t show up in the mirror and as she is a supernatural power.

Video: ABP News Reports that Bushra Bebi’s Image doesn’t appear in the mirror.

But how this all started? In Pakistan, people with different political affiliations keep trolling each other and even to the leaders of their opposition parties.

Supporters of Different political parties make the cartoons of opponent party leaders, make fake news by editing screenshots of breaking news and keep doing similar actions only to troll each other. Following this trend, one of the critics of Imran Khan edited a screenshot of a news channel and wrote (by editing the image) that Image of Bushra Bebi doesn’t appear in the mirror. After editing, he posted the image on social media.

Image of Imran Khan's wife doesn't appear in the mirror
The fake news about Bushra Bebi was started after this edited image in which someone tried to troll Imran Khan’s fans by writing that Image of Bushra Bebi doesn’t appear in the mirror.

After the photo being published on social media claiming Bushra Bebi’s Image doesn’t appear in the mirror, “ANI” took this photo and tweeted it. Watch below.

Pakistani social media users reacted on the tweet of “ANI” and called it non-sense and cheap reporting. But Indian became a fool and thought the news about Bushra Bebi is real. They started to jump on Twitter and telling their friends that “Image of Imran Khan’s wife doesn’t appear in the mirror” and she has Some Jinn etc.

But this man trolled “ANI” After “ANI” posted this fake news about Imran Khan’s wife.

Bushra Bibi, who is the third wife of prime minister Imran Khan is a religious woman and she never walks in the public without a full veil. She earned a lot of respect in the Muslim world because of her Hijab and became an example for millions of Muslim women. Thousands of women were presenting her pictures in Hijab as an example for other women. But some societies might not support Hijab or they just don’t care “who wears what”.

But as a traditional rival, India is always trying to speak anything against Pakistan and the Indian media comes first on this front. India which is the most hostile country for the safety of women and with the highest numbers of Rapes around the globe. They can never take this in positive manners.

However. the news about Bushra Bebi was fake and she is as ordinary as any woman.


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