Imam ul Haq Screenshots and Video Leaked on Twitter #MeToo controversy

Imam Falls Into #MeToo Controversy after his Whatsapp chat screenshots and video with a girl leaked on Twitter.

imam ul haq screenshots leaked on twitter

Pakistani Cricket Star Imam ul Haq screenshots of his WhatsApp chat and a video with a girl leaked on Twitter leading to #Metoo controversy. Several girls accused Imam ul Haq of flirting, cheating and sexual harassment by taking advantage of his stardom when Imam ul Haq WhatsApp chat screenshots and a video with the girl became viral on Social media platform “Twitter”.

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Imam Ul Haq was already under criticism for his bad performance in the ICC world cup 2019 and labelled as “Parchi player” as his uncle Inzamam Ul Haq was the chief selector of Pakistan’s Cricket Team.

imam ul haq leaked screenshots

According to details Pakistani cricket star and Nephew of Inzamam Ul Haq accused of cheating and nepotism by some female Twitter user. Some girl with the name of Feriha Twitter ID of ( @YourFeriha ) posted screenshots of WhatsApp chat and video calls accusing Imam of playing with her heart. The girl was asking Twitter users to retweet and threatening Imam to post a video of Imam also. She also accused that she has screenshots of Imam ul Haq WhatsApp chat with many other girls and she will post them also. but later on, she deleted her tweets after getting attention. Also watch: Melania Trump Published Her Pictures with Imran Khan on Social media.

After the #MeToo controversy on Twitter, some girl leaked the video of Imam Ul Haq also where she is travelling with Imam ul Haq in his car and shooting the video. Here is the leaked video of Imam Ul Haq.

Leaked Video of Imam ul Haq with a girl.

Imam ul Haq Screenshots which led to #MeToo Controversy on Twitter

Here are Imam ul Haq screenshots of alleged WhatsApp chat and video calls.

Imam Ul Haq leaked video leads to #metoo controversy
leaked screenshots of Imam Ul Haq's WhatsApp chat
Imam ul Haq screenshots on Twitter
Imam ul Haq Leaked video and Whatsapp Chat
Imam Ul Haq accused for cheating several girls
#MeToo controversy on Twitter
Girl leaked Imam Ul haq whatsapp chat and video

Cricket Star was already under trolling as “Parchi player” because he made his international cricket debut when his uncle Inzamam Ul Haq was in power. The girl accused that he is playing with her heart for 6 months and also doing the same with 7 or 8 other girls. During the period of relationship with her, Imam was on ICC cricket world cup also. She posted screenshots referring to the days of world cup matches. Chat in those screenshots doesn’t fit the word “harassment”. Because it seems she was in two-sided and in a happy relationship with him. Also, watch DG ISPR PLAYING CRICKET ON THE ROADS OF KARACHI.

Social Media on MeToo Controversial

Apparently, most social media users rejected the blame game and victim card of the Girl accusing Imam and called it a cheap action. Because she was with him intentionally and she leaked out their privacy of mutual relations. See: Sprite’s Controversial Ad of Mira Sethi explodes social media.

But a lot of social media users are enjoying the situation of Imam ul Haq and making funny memes of National cricket star. They started a trend #Metoo on Twitter to troll Imam which became the top trend of Pakistan and India. Here are some funny responses of Twitter users on #Imamulhaq and #MeToo trends.

Most of the people reject the allegations of the girl Accusing Imam.

But many enjoying the situation and trolling Imam with funny ways.

Famous Sports Journalist Dennis Ul Horse tweeted that there 94 confirm leaks from Imam’s phone.

Here was the girl who started this #MeToo controversy by posting screenshots of WhatsApp chat with Imam ul Haq. Someone took screenshots before she deleted her tweets.