Impressive Office Perks that Your Business Should Consider Offering Employees

    Your workforce is the backbone and DNA of your business.  Therefore, it is critical that you prioritise their health and well-being whilst they are in the office. Here are some impressive office perks you can provide your employees with to help boost their morale and upkeep their well-being. 

    Provide an office social area

    All offices should have a space where their employees can unwind, relax and socialise when they are taking a break from their work throughout the day.  This could be as simple as a small room with a coffee table and some comfy seats where workers can go to eat their lunch away from their computer screen as an opportunity to recharge. 

    You could even take it one step further and create a recharge room with a sofa or bean bags for workers to stretch, meditate or even take a short nap. This will help them to be more productive and focused for the rest of the day because their body has had a proper break. 

    Reward your employees for their accomplishments 

    In general, employees feel more fulfilled at work when their efforts are recognised by company leaders. By offering employee perks you can showcase to your staff that you appreciate their hard work, which in return will lead to increased morale and happiness, especially within the office environment. Using methods like these to recognise employees’ accomplishments creates a positive company culture, therefore boosting general morale in the office. 

    Let employees play their own music

    Music has been shown to improve our productivity as well as our cognitive performance, which is why allowing staff to play their own music in the office could be beneficial for boosting office morale. Consider letting your team create their own office playlist so that your team have the freedom to listen to the music they enjoy whilst they are working. You might be surprised at the positive impact this has on your office environment. 

    Buying food and drinks for the office

    Buying lunch, or snacks, for everyone in the office can have a huge impact on your staff’s mood and productivity levels. Even if this is done just once a month, it can demonstrate to your staff that you care for their well-being and happiness.  A survey showed that 28% of employers considered free food vital for office morale. 

    What’s fantastic about this office perk is that it creates the chance for the team to sit down and socialise with one another, bringing the office together as a community and helping to develop a positive company culture. 

    Fitness and wellness perks

    Offices should consider offering fitness and wellness perks to their employees. Many organisations choose to partner with local businesses such as therapy sessions, yoga studios, meditation classes and gyms, offering their employees a discounted membership or free passes to classes. In fact, research shows that 24% of workers named discounts as an important perk for in-office work. 

    Offering these perks to your team can help to reduce employees’ stress levels significantly. This, therefore, leads to more focused, productive, and fulfilled employees while improving the office’s mood and culture as a whole.