Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in Azad Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan was doing speech in Azad Kashmir with legislative assembly. During his speech, Imran Khan said “we don’t have differences of interests with India, but our differences are on ideology of RSS and extremist Hindu mindset. Imran Khan included that Hindu has ideology of revenge not against only Muslims but against Christians, Sikhs and Dillit minority. They think that Muslims ruled over them for 700 years so they should eliminate muslims.

Exposing Hindu’s mind set Khan said ” this ideology will not harm only muslims or Christians but it will be harmful for India too. Imran Khan said I am spreading the message of Kashmir through my tweets to all world. And I will be the ambassador of Kashmiri people in the world. Kashmir is under curfew since 2 weeks when India revoked Article 35A and 370 of Indian constitution. Khan said I am afraid when Indian government will raise away the curfew from Kashmir, a massive reaction from Kashmiri people will be seen. And it will cost heavily to Narendra Modi.

The whole world will know the situation of Kashmir now. We will show the world what is real mentality of RSS which is ruling India in the Cover of BJP. Condemning the recent statements of Indian Ministers to Rape Muslim women Imran Khan said these are not normal minds but statements of sick minded people. Here is the full speech of Imran Khan in Azad Kashmir.

Full speech of prime minister Imran Khan in Azad Kashmir’s legislative assembly