In a recent fan cartoon, Demogorgon destroys Peely In Fortnite

    One of the most popular characters in Fortnite is Peely. Even though he helped save reality at the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, he is still just a clumsy banana. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to put him in a situation where he has to fight. He would probably either shoot himself in the foot or trip over something.

    Taking this into account, a YouTuber named FeraalsVFX remade one of the most violent scenes from the show Stranger Things. Let’s say that Peely and his friends have no chance against a powerful Demogorgon.

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    They all die when Peely and his friends go up against a Demogorgon in Fortnite.

    The show’s fans know that saying Demogorgons is strong is an understatement. These things that come from Upside Down are the very definition of evil. They are strong, quick, and can kill anything they see.

    Keeping this in mind, FeraalsVFX made a new version of the famous fight scene between the Demogorgon and the Russian prisoners. Who were all Peelies, by the way? They didn’t put up much of a fight against the monster because they were rude and didn’t have any good ideas.

    In a recent fan cartoon, Demogorgon destroys Peely In Fortnite

    The person who made the video says that this short trailer/teaser is an idea for a new collaboration between Fortnite and Stranger Things. Epic Games hasn’t been able to get the rights to put the official collaboration’s cosmetics back in the Item Shop. So this will have to do. So, here’s what a few animation fans have to say about it.

    Some fans pointed out that one Peely just disappeared during the fight, which was also praised. Even though it’s strange, it makes no sense to criticize it because it’s an unfinished animation. The next thing that many people talk about is when Fortnite will work with Stranger Things. Well, it doesn’t look like that will happen, and there’s a good reason for that.

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    Stranger Things has grown up and passed Fortnite.

    Even though Stranger Things started small, it is now much bigger than Fortnite. So, the producers don’t need to advertise and market in the metaverse anymore. For more information, on July 5, Stranger Things 4 became the second title to be watched for more than a billion hours.

    Even though the game is played on Twitch and other streaming sites, it doesn’t come close to Stranger Things in terms of how many people watch it or how long they watch it. Since the franchise has become a part of popular culture. There is no need for cosmetics or crossover events in video games.

    So, it’s unlikely that the cosmetics will ever be added to the Item Shop. Those who already have the two Stranger Things skins/outfits will be able to keep them, but no one else will be able to use or get them. With another season of the show planned, there’s no stopping this hype train.

    Also, Chief Hopper and Demogorgon skins are now considered the rarest ones in the game. Both of them were last seen about 1012 days ago. In the future, Netflix might decide to work with Fortnite again, and if that happens, these cosmetics may be available to buy. Loopers will have to keep their hopes up until then.

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