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    In creative mode a Fortnite player develops a completely functional Pong mode

    Donald Mustard wasn’t making things up when he said that Fortnite’s Creative mode would get better over time. Since the beginning of Chapter 3, every update has added so many new assets that it’s hard to keep track. Even though Creative 2.0 isn’t out yet, the changes that are being made to Creative mode right now are making a lot of noise in the community.


    Since 50% of all game time is spent in Creative mode, it’s easy to see why Epic Games is slowly moving away from BR. This doesn’t mean that the game mode will be stopped, but it does mean that things will slow down a bit. By now, many readers may be wondering, “What’s so great about the Creative mode anyway?”

    In creative mode, a Fortnite player develops a completely functional Pong mode

    First of all, in this game mode, anything is possible. Want to play games like tower defence? Sure, you can do that. Want to work with your friends to avoid traps and get past problems? That could happen. Why don’t we play a few games of Pong? Thanks to Creative, it turns out that people can play Pong in Fortnite.

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    Pong looks like a lot of fun in Fortnite.

    It’s not a new thing for builds in Creative to be complicated. Over the course of the mode’s history, players have tried to show off their creativity and make maps that make people gasp. These can be anything from dense jungles to cities with lots of details.

    Pong looks like a lot of fun in Fortnite.

    But since Epic added new rules to the mode, things have become a lot more interesting. Large, static designs are slowly giving way to maps that you can move around on. One Fortnite user, who goes by the Twitter handle FNCJulianxd, made what might be the first digital Pong game.

    FNCJulianxd made a very similar game in Creative mode. He was inspired by the video game Pong, which came out in the 1970s. Two people can play this two-dimensional game together. Each player controls their side of the moving bar by pressing the up and down buttons on their side. Here is a video of an exhibition game.

    Even though this might not look like much to some, it is important to remember that it is a game within a game. These are the building blocks of the future that are being put in place right now. What seems like a simple game of Pong now could become more complex over time. Here’s what other people have said about this work.

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    In Fortnite’s Creative mode, what other games can people make?

    Well, with a little magic and creativity, creators can make almost anything. It’s possible to play different card games, the classic snake game, and even board games. Aside from these, players can try out hard puzzles, death runs, and a lot of other things in Creative mode.

    Players can even explore and live on their own made islands. These spots are slowly turning into small hubs where players can meet up and do things together. When Creative 2.0 comes out soon, the number of possibilities will grow by a factor of ten.


    Epic is already trying to get Minecraft builders to switch to their game, so the future looks good for Creative mode. Reports say that creators will soon be able to make money off of their work as well. When the game comes out, a lot more players are likely to join in and show off their creativity.

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