Indian media shows Pakistani Nasr Missile to threaten China in their video report
Launching scene of Pakistani missile ‘Nasr’ was broadcast live over India TV. Image: Screenshot from India Tv live.

India is threatening China with Pakistani Nasr missiles.
India does not have any missile of its own to show to the world? Watch the video and show it to the Indians too.

Video: Indian Media shows Pakistan’s Nasr Missile in order to threaten China, claiming them as Indian missiles

According to details, Indian Media’s News channel ‘India TV’ played a video report to Threaten China. In the video report, they were showing Pakistan’s Nasr Missile and claimed them as Indian ballistic missiles.

You can watch the official video of India TV on YouTube HERE.


‘Nasr Missile of Pakistan’

Nasr Missile or Hatf 6 Missile of Pakistan

The Hatf IX or Nasr, is a solid fueled tactical ballistic missile system developed by National Development Complex of Pakistan.

People are making fun of Indian media after they used Pakistan’s Nasr Missile to threaten China. Watch the tweets,below.


Even from Bangladesh:



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