Indian People start Worshipping Donald Trump Bhagwan

Trump Bhagwan, Donald Trump being worshipped in India as New God

Trump Bhagwan is spotted in India and Hindu people are worshipping it. An awkward situation was observed in India when a group of Hindu people started worshipping U.S president Donald Trump. In the Telangana state of India, some Hindu people made a statue of Donald Trump and named it as Trump Bhagwan. Watch the video, below.

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Video of Trump Bhagwan.

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It didn’t stop only in one spot. Another video emerged on social media which belongs to Konney Telangana, India. Video shows that an Indian man identified as Bussa worships Donald Trump as Trump Bhagwan for three years. He never missed a single day to worship. Watch a girl cuts off the private parts of a man who tried to rape her.

Video of Indian man worshiping Trump Bhagwan

People are sharing the Pictures on social media in which many Hindu men can be seen worshipping Trump Bhagwan, pouring milk over Trump’s statue and leaning on its feet.

Indian people worshiping Donald Trump and calling it Trump Bhagwan.