Video: Indian virus is more lethal than the Chinese and Italian one (Coronavirus)

As the diplomatic ties between India and Nepal deteriorate, the Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Oli launched an offensive against India, pinning the blame of the spread of coronavirus in Nepal on India and claiming Indian virus to be “more virulent” than the coronavirus that ravaged Italy and China.

Nepal PM blames India for spreading Coronavirus saying “Indian virus is more lethal than Coronavirus.

While addressing the parliament, Oli said, “Those who are sneaking in from India through illegal channels are spreading the virus in the country and some local representatives and party leaders are responsible for bringing in people from India without proper testing.”

He further added, ‘It has become difficult now to stem the spread of the coronavirus due to the flow of people from outside. Indian virus seems to be more lethal than the Chinese and the Italian.”

Ties between India and Nepal getting worst after Nepal issued a new political map showing Indian territories as Nepal’s.

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