Innocent kitten raped by 15-year-old boy and his cousins in Lahore, Pakistan

In a sad and inhuman incident at Lahore, Pakistan, an innocent kitten has been raped by several Teenage boys until the kitten has died due to pain and internal injuries of its organs. It was revealed in a Facebook post of a volunteer Animal’s rescue and shelter organisation that the kitten was adopted by the family of the culprit (A 15-year-old boy) who raped the kitten along with his friends and cousins for several days.

Video of the kitten at the vet that was raped by a 15 year old boy along with his friends and cousins in Lahore. The…

Posted by JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter on Sunday, July 26, 2020
Video of the kitten at the vet that was raped by a 15 year old boy along with his friends and cousins in Lahore.

The source shared the video of the treatment of the kitten and wrote: “Video of the kitten at the vet that was raped by a 15 year old boy along with his friends and cousins in Lahore.

The kitten died last night after extreme pain, trauma and damage that these monsters caused. She was covered in their sperm, her holes bleeding and leaking of their filth, she was not able to sit, stand, or sleep. Kept lying on the floor with her eyes wide open.

Vet removed shoppers from inside the kitten that were used by boys to rape the kitten, and large amount of sperm. Her holes were damaged. Vet confirmed what ever happened to the kitten with tests and checkup but refused to write it down as he did not want to be involved in this.

I have severe migraine and unable to sleep. Idk if i will ever be able to come out of this. Day before yesterday i stopped eating after seeing the brutality with hens, i felt sick and now this entire thing has taken my sleep. This growing rate of animal cruelty will finish me. May God give me strength and power. Will make sure these monsters are punished and exposed soon.

I wish i could save all animals of this country and provide them a safe and happy life, where no other humans can harm them. May God complete my shelter and help me make 100 more before i die, may God make me create a system which will stay alive and help animals even after i leave this world.

I’m dedicating the cattery in my shelter to this little angel, so we never forget her and in her name we will save the rest just like i made this shelter in the loving memory of my Girl Kiki who was shot by the dog culling squad at our gate while she was playing. This kitten case would be my 4th court case about animal abuse, rape and animal cruelty, the source said in its Facebook post.”

In an earlier post, the source “JFK ANIMAL RESCUE AND SHELTER” shared the pictures of the kitten and wrote: Facebook post reads:

Just when I was already giving up on the world and was thinking it is a terrible place for animals, this case came in and has shattered me to the point that I don’t think I will ever be fixed. But if I look away and ignore this, I would not be able to face my Lord. I cried I cried with the girl who reported this. I’m ashamed of belonging to the human race.

This kitten was bought by a family in Lahore, their son is 15 years old. This boy along with other boys (his cousins and friends) have been raping her since a week and damaged her organs to the point that she gave up last night. She could not walk, she could not eat, she could not sit, she never slept due to the pain and trauma.

When she was taken to the vet he took out lots of sperm, blood, and lots of shoppers that were used by those boys for raping the kitten. Sperm and blood kept on leaking from her holes. She was raped so much that her two holes turned into one. The vet also confirmed whatever had happened to the kitten but refused to write it on the paper as he did not want to get involved in any of this.

The girl who had been monitoring these kids always kept an eye on the kitten and saw that she was in a terrible condition. She often offered help for taking in the cat but they refused, when they damaged her completely they gave the kitten to her after she insisted again.

The girl literally prayed for the kitten to be taken by God because she could not see her misery and pain. Tell me what kind of punishment do these boys deserve? What should be done to them? If this goes to police they will either laugh or ignore, animals mean nothing to them. This is like the 5th sexual abuse case related to animals that I have come across.

I filed cases, sent written complains, went to lawyers, spoke to a million people. Did anything ever happen? I will again file a court case and speak to a lawyer. I want these boys punished the same way they tortured the kitten. You people would probably like and share, and this will get old.

Some rapist will get another dog or cat or a monkey. Because it is so much easier raping the voiceless and weak as they won’t even be able to tell what you devils did to them right? You know these voiceless don’t have laws and are not taken seriously here, so you chose them to rape. If the law doesn’t work this time, I will personally handle these boys.

I will not forgive them. So done with humans. The girl who reported this doesn’t want to go to courts or come on any platform, so she contacted me so I can be the voice for this kitten that was raped brutally. The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about whatever happened to her in this cruel world. This is Pakistan, and these are Pakistani men.

Men are choosing animals for rape now after women and minors. Who will get justice for this hand-sized little kitten when our women and children are not given justice after rape? I want to ask our politicians and officials, where are all the animal laws? Why is this not a big deal for us? How many more animals will get raped? I’m just ashamed today, to the point I want to bury myself in the ground. Some serious therapies and sex education programs need to be conducted in our country no matter how much mullahs hate it, men don’t know shit here!

These programs and workshops are essential now. The government needs to conduct urgent sex education programs in schools and in societies and there should be laws for animals. But first of all, police should be taught to take animal cases seriously. When the mother of that boy was approached she said MY SON DID NOT DO THIS SOMEONE FROM THE STREET MUST HAVE DONE IT. I’m still in a shock and crying, what did this kitten do to deserve this?

I swear if this time, laws and authorities stay silent. I’m forming animal police of my own and will punish these bastards my self. There should be animal police, an animal helpline, a helpline to report animal abuse and rape cases because we are one sick society! Checkup confirmed whatever happened to the kitten but vets refused to write that on a paper. I hate men, I hate men, I hate men, I’m scared of going out, I’m scared of walking between men. God save us from them! No one is safe here. No one.

This is not the first time I’m speaking and standing up for animal rights, but I know now all PTI supporters will calm me and I will keep wasting time on laws which never work, like all of my other pending cases in courts, citizens portal never bothers to reply or address any issue, I sent 10 complains to top agencies and officials on previous animal abuse with proofs but none of them got back to me, so this time if nothing is done I will expose these kids and shame them by all means. It what happens next. I have spoken to eyewitnesses of animal rapists, I have seen real videos from our country on rapes, I have rescued animals from sexual abuse, you can’t deny this happens, you cant cover it up, you cant hide this. This country and society are going towards failure, when you target the weak and voiceless you have no future.

Speaking to the lawyer shortly to proceed.”

TRIGGER WARNING- Kitten Rape Just when i was already giving up on the world and was thinking it is a terrible place for…

Posted by JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter on Sunday, July 26, 2020

The post revealed that the kitten couldn’t sit, walk, eat, or sleep due to the pain and trauma. “The culprits used shopping bags for the act which were left inside the poor cat,” the post added.

The Facebook post further informed that the vet confirmed that the cat was abused, but he refused to give it in writing to avoid involvement in the case. Upon investigation, one culprits’ mother denied the allegations and said, “My son hasn’t done this.”

The animals’ organization has strongly condemned the incident and urged the concerned authorities to take cases of animal abuse seriously. The animals’ organization have informed that they have filed complaints against all culprits and will continue pursuing this case until success.

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