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    Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance – Complete Review 2022

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    There are many insurance companies in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, but let’s review the Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance and discuss what the company provides you with its pros and cons. Read this article till the end if you want to know about the Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance company.

    Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance - Complete Review 2022
    Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance
    Insurance Brokers of Maryland Life Insurance

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    • Insurance Brokers of Maryland helps you find the best price for your Maryland life insurance policy by comparing several providers.
    • Customer-oriented model: Insurance Brokers of Maryland acts as your agent as an insurance broker to help you find the best coverage at the right price.
    • Knowing the area: Insurance Brokers of Maryland only work in Maryland, so they know a lot about the local industry and what residents need.


    • Insurance Brokers of Maryland does not sell its life insurance plans. Instead, it acts as a middleman to help you find the right company.
    • Groups do not rate Insurance Brokers of Maryland like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, so it does not have a rating.
    • Insurance Brokers of Maryland is a relatively new company. While some insurance companies have been around for 50 or even 100 years, Insurance Brokers of Maryland has only been around since 1996.
    • Available Plans
    • Insurance Brokers of Maryland works with companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Penn National Insurance to offer life insurance.

    Insurance Brokers of Maryland lets you buy three different kinds of insurance.

    Term Life

    Term life insurance can cover you for a certain amount of time. This has an end date; if you live past that date, you won’t get any money back. Term life insurance can have level premiums for an average of 10 to 30 years, so your monthly premium won’t change. You can also choose a yearly renewable term policy, an open-ended policy that automatically renews every year.


    Whole life insurance is coverage that will last as long as you live. Some premiums stay the same but get more valuable over time. As your value increases, you can use that cash value to get loans or meet other financial needs. No matter what, your death benefit won’t change and is still guaranteed. Most whole life insurance policies start with coverage of about $25,000.

    Life on Earth

    Universal life insurance is also permanent life insurance that will cover you for the rest of your life. The death benefit for your beneficiaries is not taxed, and the cash value grows slowly but steadily. During the life of your policy, you may also be able to change your premiums and death benefits as needed. Anything borrowed from the policy is just taken out of the final death benefit your beneficiaries will get.

    Insurance Brokers of Maryland can help you get these plans from some of the best life insurance companies in the world today.

    Available Riders

    A life insurance rider is an extra type of protection that you can buy to make your coverage fit your needs better. Ultimately, the riders you choose will depend on which insurance company you choose, but these are some of the most common ones.

    Faster payment of death benefits

    The accelerated death benefit rider can help if you have a terminal illness that will cut your life expectancy by a large amount. It usually pays out a portion of your base policy’s death benefit. Some insurance companies will charge you a small fee for this rider, but others may add it to your policy for free.

    Rider Who Died by Mistake

    If you die in an accident, your beneficiary may get an extra death benefit. A double indemnity rider gives most beneficiaries twice the normal death benefit.

    Rider, Child Term

    With the child term rider, if your child dies before you do, your insurance policy could also cover their death. When a child dies before a certain age, the policyholder could get an extra death benefit. Suppose the child outlives the rider’s expiration date. In that case, the coverage can often be changed into a new permanent life insurance policy without having to show proof that the child is healthy enough to be insured.

    Guaranteed Insurability

    When you buy new insurance, you may have to take a medical exam or fill out a questionnaire, but the guaranteed insurability rider overrides that rule. When you have this rider, you can buy more life insurance without taking a medical exam to show that you are healthy enough to buy it. But coverage often ends on a certain date, so make sure you know the exact terms of coverage.

    Not paying for a premium rider

    .If you become disabled or have a serious illness, you can use the waiver of premium rider. With this safety net in place, your insurance company will stop charging you until your health improves and you can start paying again.

    When you work with Insurance Brokers of Maryland, you can find and buy the best life insurance riders for your family without looking at many different companies.

    Customer Service

    There is no online chat option for Insurance Brokers of Maryland, but you can fill out the online contact form or call its offices. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

    Complaint Index

    Insurance Brokers of Maryland is not eligible for ratings from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for its national customer complaint index because it works with more than one insurance company.

    Third-Party Ratings: Because it works with more than one company, Insurance Brokers of Maryland can’t get a rating from AM Best on its financial strength.

    Cancellation Policy

    How you can cancel your life insurance depends on the company you choose. Insurance Brokers of Maryland acts as a middleman, so your actual insurance provider will set the terms and conditions of your actual policy. But you can cancel most insurance policies by sending a letter to your insurance company or calling your insurance agent.


    The price of life insurance depends on several things, like the plan you choose, any add-ons you buy, your age, and your health history. Price can also be affected by a person’s gender, though many providers now use their sex at birth rather than their current gender identity to determine the price.

    The price you pay for life insurance depends on the coverage and company you choose, but Insurance Brokers of Maryland is a price-focused company whose goal is to save money. You can get a quote online, or if you want more personalized service, you can work directly with an agent.


    Most of the time, we compare insurance companies to give a side-by-side look at the insurance business. But since Insurance Brokers of Maryland sells and promotes the services of other insurance companies, that can’t happen here. Instead, we list New York Life as a top choice for your life insurance policy because it is one of the best life insurance companies in the world today.

    Insurance Brokers of Maryland might have more choices than New York Life, but you won’t know what those choices are until you talk to an agent. On the other hand, New York Life has nearly $2 billion in dividends in 2022, top ratings from AM Best for financial security, and a low number of customer complaints, making it the overall winner between New York Life and Insurance Brokers of Maryland.

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