Iqra and Jawad leaked video and complete story

Iqra and Jawad leaked video scandal went viral online but it is also confusing social media users who are not aware about Iqra and Jawad, their leaked video scandal and its complete story. Many social media users were spotted asking “Yar koi bata do yeh iqra and Jawad ka kea seen hai? Plz🤔🙏
Pori fb pe viral hai yeh?”
Watch Iqra and Jawad leaked video, below.

Video: Conversation from Iqra and Jawad leaked video scandal

The story of Iqra and Jawad is quite similar to “Haji Viral video” which became viral earlier last year. Iqra and Jawad are names of two characters (a Pakistani couple) who were involved in some nasty activity while on a date.

The leaked video shows the couple doing nasty things while talking to each other. The conversation in their leaked video revealed their name. It also revealed Iqra pleading Jawad to not fill her mouth. During the date, the couple videotaped themselves and that video of their date leaked online.

People who have to watch the leaked video of Iqra and Jawad, are making memes using their names and teasing their social media friend. Social media has been flooded by these memes making people curious about “Who are Iqra and Jawad.”

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