Twitter hoax says American YouTuber Shane Dawson has died but it is not the fact but just a rumour

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Shane Dawson trending on Twitter due to rumors he passed away. Some have been using the hashtag #RIPSHANEDAWSON. This appears to be people memeing, just like with Addison Rae yesterday.

On Wednesday, Twitter has been flooded with memes and the hashtag #RIPSHANEDAWSON spreading rumours that the YouTuber with over 20 million followers has died.

However it was just an hoax similar to the one about Addison Rae earlier this week. But how this trend started on Twitter?

Shane Dawson has been a hot topic of conversation recently. First he was under fire for a whole load of allegations. Then, fans turned against him after his strange reaction on Instagram live.

And now Twitter is being flooded with memes and fake news of Shane Dawson’s death. Hundreds of people are sharing funny memes accompanied with “#RIPSHANEDAWSON”.


When you logged into Twitter this morning you may have had a nasty shock.

A rumour is circling the internet that popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has died, and the news is spreading round social media pretty quickly. The hashtag #ripshanedawson started trending on Twitter, and many began to pay their respects.

But there’s no need to be scared, because the rumour is FAKE NEWS. No, Shane Dawson isn’t dead. It’s just another silly internet hoax. See the Screenshot of the Twitter account which first shared the fake news of his death.

Screenshot of the Twitter post which shared the fake news of Shane Dawson's death

Shane Dawson is not Dead. IT WAS ALL AN INTERNET HOAX

The “Shane Dawson is dead” hoax allegedly started on Twitter from an account known as TMZ.

Twitter account @freeabbyminaj (TMZ) shared a photo of Shane Dawson alongside the caption: “Shane Dawson found lifeless with cat scratches found all over him #RIPSHANEDAWSON”. See the tweet, embedded below.

It is important to note that the same account with a different username “@bocasclouds” shared the similar hoax back in July 2020. See the Screenshot of his older post which was captioned as “American YouTuber Shane Dawson dead at 32 #RIPShane.”

The post has already gained over 200 retweets and comments and 2.4k likes, and loads of people on social media instantly started believing the post.

However, most of people have understood that it is just a hoax and they started sharing the same fake news with funny memes. See the top reactions and memes on Twitter, below.


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