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    Is the Fortnite skin Dreamer transgender? How the character came to be is explained

    Fortnite skin Dreamer transgender – Throughout Fortnite’s history, they’ve given out a lot of different skins, many of which are made by working with other people. Since 2019, Epic Games has teamed up with many different brands. Some of the biggest and most unique names, like Ferrari and Balenciaga, are among them.

    Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics are three brands that game developers often look to for new ideas. Even though DC skins aren’t as popular, you can choose from several characters.

    Is the Fortnite skin Dreamer transgender? How the character came to be is told

    The new DC skin for Fortnite, Dreamer, has fans wondering if it is transgender skin or not.

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    Is the new Fortnite skin called “Dreamer” transgender?

    The Dreamer skin comes from the Arrowverse, the CW-run universe where many DC shows occur (Arrow, Flash, Batgirl, and others). Dreamer is mostly a new character, but she is related to Nura Nal, who is already a hero in DC Comics.


    Dreamer, also known as Nia Nal, is the first transgender hero on TV. The Arrowverse Wiki says that this is an important part of who she is:

    “Nia was given a male gender at birth but always knew she was a female. During this time, her family loved and helped her no matter what. Parthas’ acceptance of people who are different helped Nia thrive as a transgender girl, even though she had to deal with intolerance and hateful attacks, like being turned away from businesses.”

    Since the Dreamer skin in Fortnite is based on the Arrowverse version, it should be safe to say that this is transgender skin. In the TV show, she tells Supergirl that she is not like everyone else:

    “Yes, Miss Danvers, I am unique. But so is everyone else. I don’t know when that started to be so bad. The best thing we can do for each other is to be honest and share that. The thing that will make us strong is telling the truth.”

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    Dreamer skin Fortnite

    But Fortnite doesn’t tell you this. “Nia Nal sees the future in her dreams and protects the world from nightmare threats,” it says about her in the game. There is no sign that the skin is transgender, unlike the Toni skin, whose description uses they/them pronouns.

    But since it’s a team effort, Fortnite players can look to the source, a transgender fictional character, for the answer.


    The Dreamer skin was released just 10 days ago, and those who were taking part in the Dreamer Cup were able to get it early. Players who did well enough in that tournament could get the skin for free. But it was no longer in the Item Shop as of two days ago.

    The skin was the only cosmetic in the Dreamer Set, costing 1,200 V-Bucks. It will probably return to the Item Shop with the Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman Zero, and other DC skins.

    This is one of the few transgender skins in the game right now, but that number is growing as Epic Games tries to be more open-minded about how they show people.

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