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    Is the Monero cryptocurrency a good investment?


    Until a decade ago, cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin were mainly used as digitized collectibles with minimal to no financial worth. Rewind to the present time. Scores of cryptocurrency initiatives have been developed by programmers and businesspeople leveraging blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. It renders it nearly worthless for any average computer user to attempt to engage in the mining process for Bitcoin to begin trading using Profit Edge. Despite numerous declines, its market is still worth billions of dollars, proving that this is not just a temporary bubble. New projects are continuously entering this marketplace to explore new possibilities for using blockchain to produce distinctive virtual currencies. 

    What is Monero?

    Monero is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes secrecy. Any Monero token does not have documentary evidence of who possesses, uses, or obtains it. Also, the contract’s value is kept secret from the public. The Monero program’s creators are included in the term “public.” The blockchain network keeps this information secure. Everything you see is jumbled text unless you possess the key to unlock any entry. 


    The primary goal of cryptocurrencies is to facilitate censorship-resistant transactions. Forwarding and accepting addresses, as well as transaction amounts, are secured using encryption in Monero. It indicates that the blockchain is purposefully set up to be transparent. As a result, transaction information, including the names of receivers and transmitters and the value of each trade, are secret, hiding users’ credentials.

    How does Monero work?

    The cryptocurrency Monero employs a few methods to conceal the trade and ensure anonymity from the sender to the recipient. You will get a secret spend key, a secret view key, and a public key when you create a Monero wallet. Receiving transactions are done using the public key, sending transactions are done using the secret spend key, and viewing transactions are done using the view key. With the view key, you can display the transaction log of your wallet in addition to the anonymity provided by the Monero blockchain. By design, this renders the coin secret, with the option to make it semi-transparent.

    The Monero cryptocurrency uses the following techniques to maintain anonymity and uniqueness:

    1. Ring Signature:

    A ring signature in cryptography is made by one of the handful of individuals in a ring of participants. The ring could be made up of actual people, robots, or so-called mixins.  The wallet adds a mixin to your deal, a copy of the prior Monero transaction. It is a ghost of trade with historical origins. It is impossible to identify the signer of a progressive ring transaction because they are concealed when they sign the document. Additionally, each Monero transaction has ten mixins or the ghosts of earlier Monero deals. Your trades may eventually turn into mixins as well. 

    1. Stealth address:

    The network uses the one-time stealth address for all operations. The coins do not travel straight from one address to the other. Instead, the sender’s wallet creates the address to which the coins are sent, and the recipient uses his public spend key to collect the funds. The direct contact between two addresses is constrained by such a method. One can see the relationship between the senders and receivers in conventional blockchains. Constantly tied to a specific transaction, the stealth address is a one-time address. If they possess the critical image, the sender and the recipient can search for the transaction data in their wallets.

    1. Classified transactions:

    The sender and the receiver are the sole parties informed of the number of trades that have been transmitted and received, thanks to the confidential transactions (CT) protocol. This modest mechanism enables the coin to conceal user addresses and transmitted amounts. Very helpful with Monero and certain alternative currencies, but still absent in Bitcoin.


    Monero is an excellent cryptocurrency in design. It has a precise, specific use scenario, excellent specifications, and an early adopter edge, which could give it an edge regarding brand awareness and acceptance. Nevertheless, despite its advantages, the asset has been unable to keep the industry leadership it formerly enjoyed. 

    On specialized mining processors, the Bitcoin algorithm executes much faster than it does on desktop computers. It results in a relative concentration of miners in nations with the lowest power prices. On the other hand, the Monero mining algorithm was explicitly created so ASICs will not have a significant edge over commonly held workstations.


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