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    Islamabad is 2nd most beautiful capital of the world
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    The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is considered as the 2nd most beautiful capital of the world.
    What is special here that Makes it to rank in this place?
    Resting in the base of Margala Hills, Islamabad is the only city of Pakistan, that was built with complete design, planning and structures. It was built during the ’70s. Before Islamabad, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan.
    If you visit Islamabad, there are many things to see. But what is interesting is that. While entering Islamabad from any avenue, you will see Shah Faisal Mosque right in front of you at the end of that street you enter the city.

    Here are a few breathtaking sites from Islamabad that visitors need to go see.

    1: If a person is a foodie than MONAL RESTAURANT is one of the very few posh restaurants in the world that’s located on such a high altitude. Monal a great place to go with family or friends and enjoy the refreshing view of Islamabad. Another food spot, MELODY FOOD STREET For those who love eating, this food street is your go-to spot.

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    2: If one like to visit historical places or museums then FAISAL MOSQUE, the most iconic place in Islamabad, Faisal Mosque. Situated at the foot of the Margalla Hills and on an elevated area, this beautiful mosque is the largest one in Pakistan.

    Shah Faisal Masjid Islamabad
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    3: As well as, PAKISTAN MONUMENT. This national monument represents Pakistan’s four provinces and three territories. The four main petals of the monument represent the four provinces and the three smaller petals represent the territories. The beautifully carved petals have been designed to reflect the culture and civilizations that have existed in Pakistan.

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    4: Another LOK VIRSA MUSEUM The finest cultural museum in Pakistan, Lok Virsa displays the cultural heritage of Pakistanis. The living style of the different areas of Pakistan is exhibited here in statues, pottery, textile work and etc. Even all the architecture surrounding the museum is illustrative of the old building styles in Pakistan.

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    5: Some other places like SAID PUR VILLAGE if you ever wonder what the lifestyle in a Pakistani village is like? With its great ambience, Saidpur Village is a great place for those that like to dine in a traditional environment. Rawal Lake, Damn-e- Koh, Centaurus, Margalla hills and many others.

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    Some Views From Residence Of Islamabad.

    Baila Aiman, lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Calm, quiet, peaceful, green: these adjectives describe the essential makeup of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. The moderately populated city, situated on the Potohar Plateau, offers a tranquil option for those who prefer to explore at a leisurely pace without the need to time their schedule according to traffic.
     The Shah Faisal Mosque holds a special place in the Muslim community of Pakistan
     Besides its religious significance, the mosque is famed for its architecture, which is a departure from traditional domes and arches. The building mimics a desert tent and is situated between four pencil-like minarets. A guided tour of the mosque is usually an important part of the itinerary of tourists visiting Islamabad.
     For history and nature buffs, the city is home to a number of museums. For those seeking a pictorial history of Islamabad, the photo museum at Saidpur Village that chronicles the city through the ages. The Lok Virsa Museum depicts the culture of Pakistan; the Golra Sharif Heritage Museum tells the story of the country’s railways; the Pakistan Natural History Museum offers insight into the local flora and fauna, and the Pakistan Monument Museum houses wax figures that narrate the Pakistan Movement.

     A well-constructed road winds around the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, leading to scenic places like Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. However, the more adventurous can scale any of the hills’ hiking trails to visit the spots on foot.
     Islamabad offers most of the major cuisines in demand in the region. Continental, Chinese, American, English, Italian and Pakistani food are widely available. From high-end restaurants to tiny food stalls, the city has something for everyone and won’t let any visitors go hungry for lack of variety.
     The Monal Restaurant deserves a special mention, both due to its extensive menu and ideal location. A 30-minute drive from central Islamabad up to Pir Sohawa in the Margalla Hills leads to Monal, where one can enjoy stunning views of the city while having a fulfilling meal.
     Whether you’re looking to splurge on luxurious local and foreign brands or are in search of cultural artefacts and handicrafts to take back home, you can find it all in Islamabad. Besides Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall, you can find something to your liking in the various markets throughout the city. The F-6 Markaz and the picturesque Saidpur Village are particularly popular for quality souvenirs.
     The city – already interspersed with green belts and plentiful trees – is dotted with numerous parks and gardens open to the public. Among the more famous ones, the Fatima Jinnah Park covers an entire sector, while Shakarparian Park is where most of the ceremonial tree plantations take place. The relatively new Lakeview Park offers a pleasing view of the Rawal Lake and is a favourite picnic spot. For those interested in flower gardens, the Rose and Jasmine Garden not only boasts over 250 different kinds of roses and jasmine but also hosts annual flower shows.

     Visitors intending to travel to the renowned northern areas of Pakistan almost always make a stopover in Islamabad to break their journey. Besides being the gateway to the splendid north, the city is close to historical sites such as Taxila, home to a number of erstwhile civilizations and believed to have one of the earliest universities in the world. The Gurdwara Panja Sahib, a sacred site for Sikhs, is located in Hasan Abdal, about 40km from Islamabad.
     Not all cities in Pakistan have the fortune of witnessing the transition of seasons, with summer and winter dominating most of the country the whole year round. Islamabad, on the other hand, is host to blazing summers, balmy springs, nippy autumns and chilly winters, along with a month or two of monsoon rains. Tourists usually plan their visit to the city in the milder seasons.

    Sikander Dilawer lives in Islamabad, Pakistan

    Busy road networks!!!
    All facilities one can expect from an international city.
    Assumingly if you are a foreigner and land with a perspective of a country’s capital that’s wrongly labelled by media as a terrorist state you will be surprised to find these as you get to know the city and surrounding.
    Clean spacious newly built airport with beautifully adorned truck art(part of Pakistani heritage) wall in the baggage receiving area. Welcoming people. On your way to Islamabad, an excellent road network with greenery awaits you.
    Next coming to the visitor attractions there are few but excellent natural scenic spots to explore. Pir Sohawa with exquisite Monal restaurant at the mountaintop. Daman-e-Koh exhibiting a bird’s eye view of the twin city. Hiking tracks on Margalla hills are just a few to name.

    If you are into fashion Pakistan has a booming fashion industry with a unique taste, culture and workmanship. Beautiful town centres named as Markaz for each sector and Malls such as Centaurus, Safa and Giga Mall accommodates a huge variety of brands with apparel and accessories each with a different unique taste. Handicrafts of all sort including handmade jewellery, wood artefacts and stone carvings. The land is filled with talented Workmanship.
    Last but not the least food. Well, the city has so much to offer a variety of cuisine, continental, desi, International food chains every kind of food in every kind of range to suit every pocket. You just need to know it. Google it. Order it by food panda. Home deliveries and A range of options.
    Islamabad the beautiful.